Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 22, 2009


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Always has been!  I love what it stands for and the history behind the meaning!  When you look back at the beginnings of Thanksgiving, both the first meal with the Pilgrims and Indians and when it became a National Holiday -the idea was to give GOD the glory and thanks He is due!  I also love Thanksgiving because it doesn’t bring the expectations Christmas does and beccause when it is over CHRISTMAS is here!  As opposed to Christmas, when it is over – all that is left is taking down the tree!!!

Since Chad and I have been together, Thanksgiving has brought significant things:

2003:  First Date

Chad and I had our first date the Monday of  Thanksgiving week!  It was pretty amazing – enough said!

2004:  Bad Back

Chad and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving and my back was sore.  By the day after Thanksgiving I was in bad shape!  To make a long story short, I had a herniated disc in my back that left me unable to even walk and out of work for quite a while.  It was a long return to health and after treatments on my back 3 times a week for months and lots of drugs and prayers – I live a pretty regular life.  I wondered for a long time if I would ever be able to walk and regain a normal life.  Poor Chad – I know he thought “the for better or worse” was definitely for the worst!

2005:  Jury Duty

The week before Turkey Day in ’05, I was selected for Jury Duty.  I was thrilled and hoped for a couple of easy days away from my kiddos at school!  Well, I was selected as a juror for a murder trial.  It was so upsetting.  I remember when they interviewed us for the jury, they asked if anyone had an objection to being there.  I was one of 2 that did, I was having my 20 week u/s and couldn’t miss finding out the sex of our little one!  I remember the DA asking me if I could manage not going and I told him I could, IF he told my husband the bad news!  Somehow it didn’t work out for me, but GOD (Right, Carol???) figured it all out and we actually got our u/s the night before our scheduled appt!!!!  I spent 3 weeks on the trial and we were almost sequestered for Thanksgiving – CAN YOU IMAGINE???  We had to work until the day before Thanksgiving and I remember being not thrilled that we were missing half our trip to the Mountains ( I was on holiday at school).  BUT GOD provided and we were able to pay for our entire Christmas with my stipend!  The whole trial is another blog for another day – ugh!

2006:  The Lord Gives . . . .

Charlie’s first Thanksgiving!  What a holiday this was!!!  Charlie had his first ear infection.  I overdosed him on his Prescription Cold Medicine (He was fine, I was a wreck, and I am thankful for Poison Control)  Chad almost ran over me leaving his parents’ house.  We were pulling out of his parents’ carport, when the trunk light came on.  I hopped out of the car to open the trunk and slam it back.  Unfortunately stuff starts falling out – I shriek and Chad jumps out to help!   Unfortunately the car is in reverse.  The car starts coming at me and I run out of the way before the car stops.  It was quite a mess and we were all thankful everything was ok, except for 2 destroyed car doors, a brick wall, and Chad’s dad’s 64 1/2 Mustang!  Oops!  Then the week after Thanksgiving my sweet Granny met Jesus!

2007:  And Takes Away . . .

We had our Miscarriage this Thanksgiving.  Still makes me sad to think about it!  Funny how 10 weeks of your life can change you forever.  Funny how society thinks nothing of a developing baby, but how I think about how sweet it will be to be reunited in Heaven one day with our little one.  Okay, this one still hurts to remember so I’m moving on ….

2008:  The Lord Gives . . .

We announced last Thanksgiving that we were 10 weeks pregnant with our precious Molly Kate!  How good God is!  I had recently herniated yet another disc in my back and had some kick booty morning all day sickness, but I couldn’t help but smile!

So here we are at Thanksgiving 2009 and I have nothing to share noteworthy –

Here’s to praying it stays that way!

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
to sing praises to your name, O Most High

Psalm 92:1



  1. Looking forward to our turkey day together!!!! One of my biggest blessings is upstairs asleep right now. I am so lucky!!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. You are such a special friend. It seems like just yesterday that Chad hit that brick wall- I remember you telling me and us laughing so hard. Time flies!

  3. I remember with a smile and sadness your past thanksgivings. Especially the one you called me on after y’all had just hit the brick wall and Chad almost ran over you with the car! I hope it is wonderful this year and so thankful God has blessed you with MK this year!!! Love y’all! I hope we get to catch up this week!

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