Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 1, 2009


Halloween 014

Halloween PAJAMAS (no such luck on 2 smiles!)

Halloween 030

Our Little Monkey and Mouse before the Fall Festival this morning!

Halloween 036

I just loved this face on MK – the very next face was quite tearful!

Poor Molly Kate is in outfit number 2 due to POOP!  Poor thing can’t handle Amoxocillin!  Thankfully she had a little Halloween outfit in her diaper bag 🙂 Nothing like arriving at a party in a soiled outfit!

Halloween 046

Molly Kate and Ruby at the Fall Festival!  (Her little birthdate buddy)  (I sure hope Cindy got a better picture because this is BAD!)

Halloween 050

Our HAPPY family of Four!

Halloween 062

Charlie had so MUCH fun at the Fall Festival!  Here he is doing a game with his Daddy.  A special thanks to Beth and everyone for their hard work!!! 

Halloween 082

A little Inflatable Fun

Halloween 085

Our Little Monkey!

We had the best time with the Cottles and were so sad to tell them goodbye after the Fall Festival!  We just love them and wish they lived closer!!! 

We got home just in time to cheer for the Dawgs.  Obviously we didn’t cheer hard enough!  We had a great time with friends!  We grilled out after the game and enjoyed the Little Tricker Treaters!!!  Charlie had so much fun answering our door!  He got to trick or treat at one house – lucky fella!  He thought it was great fun!  We love our neighbors! 

3 of the 4 couples have little ones – aren’t they PRECIOUS???

halloween nihjt 008

Haven, Brody, and MK  (yes – I washed MK’s outfit when we got home and yes she pooped on it again before I could get her to bed!!!)

halloween nihjt 012

With the Mamas!  I hope Amy’s picture with the Daddy’s turned out better than mine — too blurry to share!

Frank and Chad

Frank and Chad with the Cat and the Mouse

What a great day!!!! 



  1. i have never seen a cuter mouse and a monkey….poop and all…i am counting the minutes till I see my babies!!!!

  2. i love the little mouse and monkey. and I love that molly kate decided to poop twice in the same outfit. little stinker.

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