Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 20, 2009

Mini – CATION and Mini – VAN

This past weekend we joined a club I swore I would never enter — I am officially a minivan driving mama and PROUD of it!!!  The best part was we turned it into a Mini Vacation! 

Thursday afternoon we headed to Alpharetta and purchased this beauty —

toyota sienna

a 2008 Toyota Sienna!  We love it and are so tickled with all the room! I already wonder how we made it this long without it!  A big thanks to the Cottles for all their help in making this a reality!  Poor Frankie has spent the last month and a half looking for the right van for our family!

Then we bopped over Blood Mountain and went to the Cottle cabin.  (insert sarcasm here — Blood Mountain after dark in 2 cars not so fun; having the Envoys headlights going out was just icing on the cake.  Poor Chad had to have my brights in his rearview the whole 2 hour trip.  Thank the Lord we all made it safely.  Anyways —Charlie kept asking where Grammy and Papa were since it was their house.  Poor Buddy sure does miss them! 

Friday morning we went to eat at our favorite breakfast place in Blairsville and it didn’t let us down!  Then we headed to Southern Plantations for a family fun day! 

Here are a few pictures of the fun we had:
Mountains 012

Our Little Scarecrow

Mountains 018

The Girls on the Hay Ride (don’t mind MK throwing gang signs – we don’t know what we are going to do with her!)

Mountains 019

The babies snuggling! It was mighty chilly!

Mountains 021

The Boys riding the Train

Mountains 030


Mountains 040

Roasting Marshmallows

Mountains 052edit


Mountains 073

Our Littlest Pumpkin (in outfit Numero Dos)

Mountains 075

Our Babies!  We are SOOOOO Blessed!

We ended our day up with a  yummy dinner at the Rib Shack and lots of relaxing at the Cabin!  Chad even saw a big black bear in front of the cabin!  I am glad I was snoozing for that one!

We left out early Saturday morning for Baby Ben’s First Birthday Party!  Chad headed on to LaGrange to work on his Sermon and I took the kids to Ballground and we had the best time with my precious family!

Celebrating our Lil’ Miracle turning ONE blessed us all!  Here is the Birthday Boy digging into his cake —

Ben Cake

He wasn’t so sure about it all, but Sam sure was!  He managed to have himself covered in orange though!

Dolly Jane had cooked the most yummy lunch and we just enjoyed being with those we love!  The boys played great and MK enjoyed being the only girl —

mk bday party

(She picked out her cupcake outfit to celebrate, but can’t help but be put out that she didn’t even get a lick of icing!)

Mama rode home with us and we broke in the Minivan 🙂  We met Chad, Daddy, and Uncle Dave for Dinner at Mi Casa (the restaurant, I had NO groceries at mi casa)!  It was an all around FABULOUS weekend!





  1. LOVE the post!! Your babies are so, so precious! You know I am a fan on the Sienna, we LOVE ours!! So, so roomy! I know you will enjoy it! So happy for you guys!

  2. this post makes me want:

    1) a mini van
    2) another baby

    even more than I already do. I’m jealous! Those Cottle kids are just too cute. I love that pink hat. And it’s people like you who are making mini vans the cool mom thing!

  3. Love the pics!! Glad y’all got away for the weekend. And I cannot wait to ride in the new minivan!! I know you are loving it now!! You need to just make a trip down here for the day, anytime!!

  4. Congratulations on your new ride!! I am too one of those moms who swears to never drive a minivan……but I am sure that will change once we have more kids. They are very roomy and so easy to get in and out of. I am glad you guys had a good weekend. I love the pictures of Molly Kate in her pink hat. 🙂

  5. Loving those pictures of some precious babies!!! Tell Amy that Molly’s pink hat absolutely ROCKS….even if she is throwing gang signs. SILLY GIRL!!!!

  6. Molly Kate, shame on your momma for teaching you gang signs. I can’t believe she is 4 months already! I love all the pumpkin pictures. And the McDonalds sign is hilarious.

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