Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 15, 2009

4 Months Old

Molly Kate is 4 months old!  We are enjoying her so much.  Those days of constant crying are long gone and we are so thankful.  Chad and I both think we just blocked out the first 8 weeks – it was just so hard! 

4 months 072

At 4 months, Molly Kate:

  • weighs 12 pounds, 1 ounce  (25%)
  • is 25 3/4 inches long (95%)
  • sleeps through the night still! 
  • nurses every 3-4 hours during the day
  • is getting very good at grabbing items
  • loves to play on the floor and bat at her hanging toys
  • is doing a little bit better in the car these days.  She is enjoying playing with her toys.
  • takes Prevacid twice a day
  • just had her Zantac “upped” to 1.4 mL twice a day
  • is the proud owner of a breathing machine!  She will be doing breathing treatments up to 4 times a day thanks to her battle with reflux.
  • LOVES her brother!  It is definitely mutual!
  • Likes to be held upright.  When she gets tired, you have to stand up with her!
  • is starting to roll!  It is so sweet how she kicks her legs up in the air before rolling to her side!

I really want time to slow down! She is getting too big too fast!



  1. She looks like such a big girl on her BIRTHDAY!! I miss you all this week! Back to my “home improvement projects.” Look forward to Sat.

  2. You forgot to mention:

    *Is so stinkin sweet we could just take a bite of her!

    She is looking so precious in that picture I could eat her up. I think it’s hilarious she’s 25.75 inches long, we were just talking about how tall she looked! J went for his 6mo appt Tuesday and he is just now 25.5 inches! His girlfriend is taller than him already! I’ll let him know he’s got some catchin’ up to do so he can maintain his masculinity and avoid the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman look.

    Kiss the sweetie pie for me. xoxo

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