Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 8, 2009

Confessions of a Nursing Mother

So, I have been a SLACK  BLOGGER!  I left my camera in Dville, so I have not had much motivation to blog without pictures!  (and we have had so many photo opps this week that I have missed being able to document) Anyways — I thought I would try to give myself some blogging topics to motivate my “mommy fried brain”.   I am going to do a series over the next few weeks on “confessions”.  So, I’m sure they’ll be captivating -haha!

Confessions of a Nursing Mother:

1.  I got an early start at nursing —


This is me at 2 nursing my baby doll, while my Mama fed my new baby brother!

2.  Until I had a baby, nursing mothers weirded me out! No offense if you were one! I just was uncomfortable with the whole thing.

3.  I have  a huge fear of answering the door with out properly covering myself after a feeding.  Sometimes, you just get busy and then . . . oh my – that would be bad!

4.  I worry about my milk drying up before a year.  I nursed Charlie exclusively until 7 months and then one day my milk was gone.  MK is almost 4 months and I really want to make it to a year.

5.  I have lots of reasons for wanting to nurse until a year.  One is to avoid Mommy Guilt, another is because I am cheap, another is that I am a bit of a control freak, another is it is SO easy, and well it is such a sweet bonding experience!

6.  I have nursed riding down the road.  BUT – before you accuse me of breaking any laws – Molly Kate never left her carseat!  It was quite an acrobatic event and I was sore the next day!  I was very thankful that no one was injured with this experiment!  No cars wrecked trying to figure out what I was doing and MK quit crying so we  were all happy!

7.  I spend a lot of time nursing in the car (while in a parking lot)!  We are a busy family and this avoids the whole uncomfortable thing! 

8.  I think the Peanut Shell Nursing Cover is the greatest invention –

peanut shell

My sweet friend Jennifer passed me hers down and wow it is much better than using a blanket!  The top part of the “apron” is stiff and rounded so the mother can see what is going on and no one else has to!  Plus it is very fashionable!  Also, it works great when other children ask what the baby is doing — I just say she is sleeping and she likes it dark!  I sure don’t want to have to explain that . . .

8.  I never really believed that babies could refuse a bottle.  I thought it was just an excuse.  BUT – I apologize!  MK has humbled me again!

9.  I am so thankful for the Nursing Room at my church.  It is where I met other mothers and got lots of advice when Charlie was a baby.  (remember we moved here when Charlie wasn’t even a month old).  Now it is such a place of encouragement and yes, Dr. Baxter, we do occassionally  watch the sermon! 

10.  Mastitis and other issues are no fun — Thanks Eve!

11.  Funny Story:  Mama took the kids and I to Fernbank!  It was an awesome trip!  MK needed to eat and there was a sign for a nursing room. I followed the arrows and had a good giggle when I found the room!  The top floor’s bathroom had one stall “designated” as a nursing room.  In the stall was a 1950s chair — nice!  At least it beat the floor!

12.  Another one:  Last night we took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast at a local theater.  (side note – AWESOME!)  We tried to give MK a bottle – but she totally gagged!  So, I waited until the show started and went looking for somewhere to nurse her.  I tried the women’s room, but to be honest it just smelled too bad!!  Then I found a quiet stairwell and sat down in a corner (with my nursing cover).  After we were all settled, I look to my left and my arm is caught in a huge spiderweb – nice!   Thankfully, I saw 2 dead spiders and no live ones!  Then, the world’s largest ROACH comes darting at me – SERIOUSLY!  I thankfully scared him off. Y’all should be proud of me – I didn’t even scream!

13.   We had to teach Charlie to call it “mommy milk”.  Nowadays, he doesn’t pay it any attention, but at first – well, he would start yelling – “Molly needs to drink from your boobie!”  Now, that is embarrassing!

14.  Dressing rooms make great Nursing Rooms.

15.  I prefer to sit at booths at dinner, just in case she has to eat!  Much more secluded!

16.  My mother reminds me all the time that I have come out of my shell much more this time!  I guess I was a hermit nurser the first time!

17.  I have tried to talk Chad into learning to b/f so that I could get out and about.  I don’t know why he isn’t interested.  This man in Sweden is working on it — Click here for the link!

I’m sure my brain will remember more funnies and I’ll update the post!



  1. I love this post!!!! I am with you 100%!!! I pray that you will be able to nurse for a year…that is my hope/goal too!

  2. jax was a #8 as well. would. not. take. bottle. so i was not able to go anywhere more than 2 hrs the first 9 months of his life. then, one day, he got an ear infection and quit nursing. for good. he never went back. if i would have known that the last time he would nurse was when i was putting him to bed that tuesday night, i would have treasured it so much more. i miss it. i miss our snuggles! treasure, treasure, treasure it. i know that you are.

  3. BTW, you can legally take your child out of the car seat while on the road if you are “tending to their needs”. Needless to say, I tended to a lot of needs while riding. BUT, I never did it driving. That would be talent. You will have to ask Sarah Hersey about nursing in the room at church…evidently Dr Baxter has to come in there occassionally for something.

  4. I have to say that I think you are doing a MARVELOUS job as a Nursing Mom. I am right there with you – it is the easiest way!! I am sure you are a great encouragement to others too! My Mom did not nurse, so the only encouragement that came from her was “I think she needs a bottle! That baby is starving!” Have to confess – my babies did nurse in the car while Daddy was driving – he hated to hear them cry! And Mastitis brought pain that I can still feel today! HA – but at least as soon as you started nursing that pain was gone!

  5. Katie – That post was so funny, I could not stop laughing. I could relate to so many of those. I am so glad Davis was able to finally start nursing after those two months of therapy. Pumping was no fun and nursing is so much easier. I want to make it to one year too, but mainly so I can keep my boobies……that is one advantage for the small busted folks like me (Just Kidding!). I really want to keep nursing to a year because that is what is best for Davis and I do love the bonding experience. I love when he stops nursing and looks at me and laughs or smiles. It just melts my heart. Sounds like you guys are having fun in D’Ville this week!

  6. So funny and so true! I pray you can make it to a year too.

  7. i totally relate after having just a few weeks with this second one. nursing is a blessing and a challenge all in one!

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