Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 23, 2009

Our Busy Girl

Late September 049

  She is starting to be able to enjoy her Bumbo Seat.  She is still a bit of a bobble head in it, but it won’t be long!!!

Late September 073

This is Molly Kate’s favorite place to be!  She just grabs and kicks her toys.  (Don’t mind the car hanging in front — you use what you have!!!)  It also appears in this picture that she is picking her nose – nice!!!  That would definitely just be an appearance, because we all know ladies do not do such things!




  1. She is so pretty and cute. I just love her and miss her :-0

  2. What an angel! I love that she gave you one of those rare smiles for the camera!!! She’s just so stingy with those!!!!! She realizes you look foolish when you just around and grin all the time!!!!

  3. Sweet girl – I just love her! Look at that pretty smile!

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