Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 23, 2009

Home Skool Update

Things are going great with Charlie this year — so far!!  We are enjoying our time together and it is really making me be intentional about our time together!  The ABC Jesus Loves Me program is just perfect for us!  We are still doing 9 -11 Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  During this time we do some organized learning, but a lot of our time is just spent playing games and reading books.  Here are some pictures from yesterday:  This week we are working on the Letter “B”, the number “8”, and the story of Adam and Eve.  Our verse is Psalm 34:13 for the theme and Galatians 5:22 for the letter “B”.  Here is Charlie working —

Late September 115

Painting with Colored Bubbles, which we later blew outside!

Late September 117

A following direction activity that I found that I just LOVED!!  So did he!!!  We did “a” and “b” yesterday to get caught up!  Here is the link – if you are interested —Carl’s Corner ABC Following Directions

The goal is for MK to be napping the whole time, but she is experiencing the “45 minute intruder” so she is not taking her long morning nap now.  So she learns with us!  Here she is yesterday —

Late September 118  Having a GREAT time!  until …

She had to stop and smell the flowers!!

Late September 119

and she realized they were fake (but she is not aware that they would be dead if they were real, just ask Charlie)!



  1. I am loving those stiff baby girl legs in her Bumpo. Tell Charlie I am so proud of his school work!!! Can’t wait to see yall manana!!!

  2. What is the ABC Jesus Loves Me program?? What does MK do while you and Charlie learn? 😉 Is Livi too young? Do you want me to ask any more questions?? 😉 You rock!

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