Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 14, 2009

Lots of Exclamation Marks

This past week, I have witnessed so many praises and straight up MIRACLES, that I just couldn’t keep them to myself! 

Here are just a few of these:

1.  Baby Ben!  So many of you have been so faithful to pray for my cousin Kelly’s baby Ben.  When he was newborn he had heart surgery for a collapsed aorta.  During that surgery his vocal chords were damaged.  He has been on a feeding tube since he was about a day old due to aspiration.  Well, this week God has heard our pleas and blown us away by his goodness.  Ben took a BOTTLE with no aspirations, had his feeding therapy discontinued, and doesn’t have to go back to the cardiologist for a YEAR!  Can you believe it???  I have chills just thinking about it!  It won’t be overnight, but we are on the way to saying goodbye to the TUBE!  Ben’s Birthday is Halloween (he was born just minutes after the clock struck midnight!) and please join with us that Ben will be able to eat his very own BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! 

2.  My cousin Kelly and friend Erin have a mutual friend name Adam Stead who was injured when a bullet entered his skull and brain last week, while escorting a Medic team in Afghanistan.  He has a wife and three month old baby – Gosh, can you imagine!  Anyways, he has a long way to go, but he is improving everyday!  If you would like to see how to pray for him and follow his courageous story as a HERO please click here – Adam Stead’s Caringbridge.  Thanks Adam and all our men and women who protect our freedom daily and sacrifice so much! 

3.  My girlfriend from high school, Natalie’s mama Mrs. Charmaine, had a stem cell transplant almost 2 weeks ago.  She had been feeling poorly and the family had been waiting to see if the transplant had taken.  One day last week, they had some signs that things might not have been good and as of yesterday Mrs. Charmaine is headed HOME TUESDAY!!!  (More Chills (side note -Glad I didn’t bother shaving my legs at this point))  That is truly a miracle!  Please continue to pray for Mrs. Charmaine.  You can follow this miracle as it unfolds here – CC’s Journey

4.  My friend Michelle’s mom was recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  She finished her first round of chemo and Thursday they got the results from the tests to see if the drugs were working and they are!!!  You can follow her story here Mrs. Sue

There are so many more, but I have a couple more chores I need to knock out during this quiet time at my house.  I hope you are as encouraged as I have been.  I still have so many more friends, family, and strangers I am praying for as they await miracles, babies, healed marriages, money falling from the heavens (you never know), etc.  It’s easy to get discouraged because some seasons it seems like Grief is all around, but never give up!  His Hand is always at work in His perfect way!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
       neither are your ways my ways,”
       declares the LORD.          Isaiah 55:8



  1. I need Ella Bella here to do a cheer. I am so excited about Charmaine getting to come home tomorrow. I am just giddy.
    Yes, there are indeed so many miracle all around. One a lesser note, F is still alive and kicking. Audrey actually called today before she made a “housecall” to see if her was still here….
    Yep, one more grooming done!!!!

  2. Katie that is so Awesome – All that greatness in just a couple of days – God is so GOOD!

    Karen, I will have to have Ella do her “spirit in her britches” routine for you- we will need to record it and put it on UTUBE so you can veiw whenever the need arises!

  3. I am in need of some baby loving. I am missing Cakes and Velcro so badly! I needs ’em….Can they come out and play??

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