Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 13, 2009

3 Months

3 month photo shoot 026

Happy Three Month Birthday Molly Kathryn!

3 month photo shoot 080

Look How I’ve Grown:

3 month photo shoot 086

Molly Kate is 2! - 004

1 month 033

At 3 months, Molly Kate:

  • is such a happy baby!
  • weighs between 11 and 12 pounds and is 24 inches long.
  • sleeps 12 plus hours every night!  I often have to wake her up!!!
  • eats every 3 hours.
  • loves to lay on her back and play with her toys.
  • enjoys just about everything, but the carseat!
  • looks like she could crawl when doing tummy time!
  • still battles reflux.  She takes 1/2 tablet of Prevacid and 1.2 mL of Zantac twice a day!  She is my hero though.  She takes her medicine so well and rarely fusses even when you can see she is really having trouble. 
  • is trying to find her thumb.  We have to swaddle her for sleep time, but with her hands free (and her elbows locked down)!
  • has been to the cardiologist and gotten a good check up this month!
  • is a cuddly baby!
  • loves watching her brother play and talk to her!
  • still startles easily!
  • blows bubbles A LOT!
  • likes hairbows (added by Chad)
  • looks like a BABY DOLL!  Don’t you think?????

cropped 3 month



  1. I love my angel so much!! This is really Mawmaw on NeeNee’s laptop. But NeeNee loves you too, Cakes!!!

  2. she is too precious! cant wait to see her at the dedication tomorrow

  3. Just so in love with that beautiful baby girl. Couldn’t stop talking about her after we saw you guys in Hobby Lobby!! So sad I can’t make it to her dedication:( Can’t wait to see pictures:)

  4. yes, she does look like a baby doll! 🙂

  5. She is so pretty. I can’t wait to see her again.

  6. p.s. Ava says she’s jealous of the hair. We got lots in the back. none on top. so no bows.

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