Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

IMG_8414“Still Crazy after All These Years”

5 years ago we were married in a day of pure joy and we are still laughing. That day we laughed because we couldn’t believe it was real (think of Abram’s Sarai 🙂 )  and that we would be so blessed to have each other to have and to hold FOREVER!!   Now we spend our time laughing at our 2 babies (especially our Comedian Three Year Old), at our crazy life, and at each other (in the nicest way of course)!


What a Blessing  he is to me! I couldn’t imagine my life without Chad.  He truly seeks to serve our family and I am blessed by his many sacrifices.  I can’t tell you how many nights he comes home from work with flowers, candy, manicure gift certificates, or some remedy for my latest health issue.   I am so blessed! 


C – Charming (He makes a great DATE!)

H – Handsome (I always dreamed of a tall, dark headed husband and I got it!) and have you noticed how trim he has gotten!!! WOW!

A –  Assuring (Always reminds me that things are going to be okay! Especially about financial things)

D – Daddy – A wonderful, Godly father to 2 precious children!

A link to our video montage from Mom last year



  1. Happy 5 year Anniversary you guys. I am so happy to have witnessed the big event and all the great events in your life. You two are great parents. We love yall.

  2. Ahhh….. YOu brought atear to my eye, that was so sweet! Happy Anniversary to 2 of my favorite people! We love yall!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how quick time goes by.

  4. happy day to such a great couple. keep pressing on:)

  5. 5 years….can you believe it? May the next 5 be just as wonderful!

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