Posted by: Katie Cottle | August 31, 2009

Does the Devil show up at anybody else’s house on Sunday morning???

Why are Sunday mornings so hard???  I know I could do a lot better myself, but the craziest things always happen. 

Last night, I ironed everyone’s clothes and even set out every accessory, shoe, etc.  I layed out the food and recipe to go in the crock pot for lunch.  Iwent to bed at a reasonable time.  I considered myself prepared for Sunday morning! 

Well, I wasn’t!

First, I hit Snooze too many times (my fault).  Then my meat hadn’t thawed overnight for the crock pot, so I had to spend extra time on it!  Then Charlie woke up early and was so joyful that he woke up Miss Priss.  Miss Priss preceded to spit up (that is saying it nicely) this morning.  We both needed baths,  but only she got one!  I cleaned her chair and surrounding carpets twice (as well as my own clothes). 

Then, my hair just wouldn’t do anything – anyone else have this problem???  I am in desperate need of a good cut (any suggestions).   Before I could even walk out the door, my shoes had rubbed blisters on my heels, which required bandaids.  I did my makeup in my car, which is a habit I am really trying to break (  I promise MOM)! 

On to Charlie — He was a trooper this morning and not any trouble.  He of course had to go to the bathroom after I had dressed him, which required a “re-dressing”.  Then before we walked out the door, his favorite dollar store toy exploded on his outfit – -seriously – why do I keep buying stuff from there???  I cleaned him up and we discarded the toy (Note – he does not know this, he thinks it is misplaced.  He loved the thing).   Worried, as we loaded the car that he was getting cancer from the junk that oozed out of the toy.  Also worried that MK would not look like the baby doll she is from crying so hard since she was not in the bed at her usual time for her nap -but the dreaded carseat!!!

Oh and if you wonder about Chad – he leaves before the sun comes up (maybe that is the secret)!

We have definitely had worse Sundays.  Just to list a few highlights over the past few years:

1.  Dropped and shattered a whole bottle of nail polish on my tile floors

2.  Hit a dog – wasn’t that a Sunday????  Oh gosh, Idon’t remember now!  (I just checked, it sure was!)

3.  Locked myself out in my undies

Okay, I could go on and on – but it is almost time for AWANA!!  Gotta get all these sleepy heads up and at ’em!

Charlie and I repeated several times is his first Bible Verse – -“I was glad when they said, Let us go to church” and  you know –

I sure was!!!

Thankfully God is kicking Satan’s tail at the Cottle house because we all made it to church, a little late, but we made it!  And that my friends is a victory!!!

Sunday pictures 031

My Sweet Babies!  One is a bit terrified – can you guess who???



  1. Oh those memories. Satan really does try hard to attack when you are heading out the door to worship! ….and oh the hypocrisy you feel as you finally arrive at church, ready to kill your husband, send your children off to a slave camp, etc. etc. Then you “put on your churchface”, walk in the door, smile, and act like all is well. I dare say there is no mother alive that hasn’t had those same feelings on any given Sunday morning. But if all goes well, at some point in the service, God tugs at your heart, and says “I am glad that you came into my House”, giving you the strength and courage to get up and do it all over again the next week!!!!

  2. Oh Katie – when my girls were babies – I was a Youth Minister at a Church out in the county and I always told my Pastor that Sundays were not made for Children! Isn’t that Crazy??? Still to this day, Satan is a regular visitor to our ours and many Sunsdays he rides with us to church! I try to shut the door before he gets in, but many days he is much quicker than me! You are too funny girl!

  3. I have to say that of all the stories I still laugh about you getting locked out in your undies AND then covering up with Chad’s grill cover……… just doesn’t get any better! Thanks for all the laughs! I am praying for you and MK tomorrow. Love ya

  4. been there, done…we have gotten to church without Kendall’s shoes, with my bedroom shoes, with bad hair, shut & locked Josh’s fingers in the door in the church parking lot, and the list could go on. Satan is always there for getting ready and getting to church. I remember many mornings…yelling fighting and carrying on with Dave yelling “now let’s go worship”

  5. Katie – Yesterday, right before my boys and I got out of the car to go into church, my wonderful, Godly husband said to the children: “Even if I tell you 2 + 2 = 5, you say YES SIR!” There eyes got so big but it had been “one of those mornings”! Satan wants to keep us at home on Sundays but we fight through it and win everytime! Glad you won, too!

  6. OH MY, THIS IS SO SO TRUE!!! Same exact story at the Wren house!! How any mother with more than two children every actually ARRIVES at church in one piece is beyond me.

  7. Don’t you hate that? It has happened with us too many o’times. (even in our pre-parenting days).But at least we all overcome the sunday morning struggles, brush satan off of our shoulder and go worship and give God the glory and praise. Hats off to you for being a great mom! = )

  8. OK -so I totally UNDERSTAND-did you notice that we were ariving the same time you were! I did tell Matt that we seem to do this as least five mornings a week -but what is it with Sundays-girl just add one more to the zoo crew! Oh the stories we will have to tell our girls when the are the mommys! I try to remember that I do love the crazy moments and I am sure I will miss them one day!

  9. Katie – You just described most Sunday mornings in the Warren house! I have the best of intentions, but it never works out the way I plan! Something always happens! But you’re so right – just getting to church is a victory in and of itself! So congrats and keep fighting the good fight! 🙂

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