Posted by: Katie Cottle | August 14, 2009

Swimming Lessons

MollyKatePhotoShoot&swimlessons 050Charlie and Donkey are ready to Swim!  The best part about the lessons is the golf cart ride!

MollyKatePhotoShoot&swimlessons 069

Charlie and Mr. Bill during Swim Lessons

MollyKatePhotoShoot&swimlessons 057

Charlie and Mr. Bill working on the Back Float

PlayDate 018

Charlie’s Buddy Holden has taken Swim Lessons this week with Charlie.  They have had so much fun.  It was rainy Wednesday, so we rescheduled our lesson and had Holden over to play instead.  These 2 boys have so much in common and have had the best time!!!

Mom has taken Charlie to his swim lessons, because it has been Miss Priss’s time to eat everyday 😦  We took him to the pool the other day and the little fish SWAM!!!  He can go several feet (until he has to breathe) underwater!

Cute Story — We always stop to pray when we hear an ambulance.  Charlie heard one at Swim Lessons and told Mr. Bill we need to stop and pray!  How great is that!!!  God listens and answers, we know!!!



  1. I wish we were still taking swimming lessons!!!

  2. I do remember you and i check your blog through tracy’s blog too. your kids are also beautiful, love the dark hair! i will include you when i password!

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