Posted by: Katie Cottle | August 6, 2009

Please Pray Sweet Friends

I have an urgent prayer request. One of Chad’s roomie from college needs our prayers.
Grant and Anne Marie Nolan had their second child, Georgia Marie yesterday. Anne Marie had a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, but their precious baby girl has quit breathing 3 times now. She has been revived each time and is now in ICU in Macon’s Children Hospital (they live in the Tifton area). They do not know what is wrong with her, but the Doctors are giving her ONLY a 25% chance of surving.
This is every pregnant woman’s fear I believe. I know it was consuming at times that somehow something wouldn’t be right and that precious baby we had longed for and prayed for might not come home with us.
I have only met this couple once, but they are absolutely precious people. My heart is breaking for them.
Our God is not a God of numbers, but a God of compassion and healing. Please pray for Georgia and her family. I’ll update as I hear things. . .




  2. Katie- My heart breaks for this sweet couple. I will definitely be praying! Our God is good and He is big………….I am praying!

  3. oh no Katie …… this is beyond heartbreaking!! Count me in, I’m praying!!!!

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