Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 21, 2009

Molly Kate update . . .

Thanks for all the words of support and love you have shown our family as we have adjusted to Miss Priss and her needs.

A week ago we doubled Molly Kate’s Zantac and we think it is helping her for sure.  Unfortunately, the Zantac only takes the “burn” out and she still “gags” nearly constantly.  Poor girl!  It really is quite pitiful.   We have started giving it to her at least 30 minutes before she eats and maybe that is helping too!  We have also started to give it to her in a bottle with a bit of apple juice.  We had to do that with Charlie because the Zantac tastes so bad it makes them gag/spit up their meds! 

We are so thankful for her and are trying to have a good attitude and be thankful for her health and beauty.  We have been encouraged by her smiles over the past 2 days and her periods of contentment.  We know that under her pain and discomfort, is a happy baby girl!  We are just praying for that little girl to be here full time soon:)

Here  are a couple of pictures of our cutie —

Dville Mid July 036

baby doll

Dville Mid July 056

(testing out Cousin Ben’s Nap Nanny)

Dville Mid July 152

This is how we spend most of our time!!! It at least frees my hands up 🙂



  1. she’s so precious katie! hang in there!

  2. Hi Katie!

    I know I’ve never met Chad, but I’ve seen enough pictures to know that in that first picture she is the spitting image of him! Those eyes… She is so beautiful!

    I can only imagine what you’re going through. We were lucky enough to not have to deal with that situation, but I’ve known people that have. Just remember, “this, too, shall pass.” 🙂


  3. i love seeing all of Molly Kate’s precious outfits!

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