Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 21, 2009

Molly Kate Update AGAIN . . .

We took Molly Kate to see our beloved Dr. Lisa.  We have decided to put her on Prevacid, as well as the Zantac.  I also am doing a food log to see if my diet has any impact.  Oh and this is so selfish, but so hard for me, I had to give up my daily Coke.  Hopefully being free of caffeine will help her reflux – it better – that is true LOVE!!!  haha  My hips and butt should benefit from breaking my love affair with a “red coke” – fountain only!!!

Also, MK had something funky going on with her belly button.  I forgot the name, but anyways Dr. Lisa silver nitrated it today (ouch) and hopefully it will be a thing of the past!

I also forgot to mention last night – that Molly Kate loves the hair dryer!  We even bought a CD of it and it plays continuously at our house.  (so don’t bother calling – between the crying and the loud blow dryer going – it is about impossible to hear)!  Whatever it takes 🙂

But, she sure does look and smell GOOD!  God is good and we are forever thankful for our little bundle!



  1. Katie, believe it or not… day(before you know it) you will be telling some new mama about what helped you with MK when she was a baby. This too shall pass…..
    I will be glad to give your ears and arms a break anytime and hold and rock that beutiful baby. I would LOVE to keep her anytime! Maybe you and Charlie could get a little one on one time.

  2. Oh I remember those days with Grayson. But I wouldn’t trade him for 10 non-colicky, easy babies! AND now he is one of the sweetest boys around! Hang in there girl! I know the days can get long!

    And do you remember keeping Isabelle for me while I took Grayson for them to do the exact same thing to his belly button??? Seems forever ago!
    Love you

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