Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 6, 2009


fourth of july

Molly Kate is 3 weeks, 3 days today and Charlie is 3 years and 3 months old!  Today at Bible Study, Beth Moore shared the significance of 3s.  I know this isn’t what she meant, but I had to share anyways!!!


and yes – this is the best photo I have of them together from the 4th – if MK is awake that is probably what you will see her doing unless she is held and bounced in a certain way (which makes pictures difficult and just about anything else for the matter)



  1. what a neat coincidence!! It’s pretty impressive that you all put that many 3s all together – it would’ve just gone right over my head. Looks like you all had a very fun 4th!!

  2. She is so cute! Charlie looks so proud of his baby sister. I wish we could have seen you on the 4th. Maybe next time you are in town we can come over to see Molly Kate.

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