Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 1, 2009

Zantac, our BFF once again!

Thanks for all the prayers and words of wisdom yesterday friends!  We had a really rough day with Miss Priss.  If she was awake, she was SCREAMING (think velociraptor).  She was so tired, but as soon as she would fall asleep, she would wake up screaming.  It was heartbreaking.  I even put her in the car and took her for a drive at 11pm (I know the neighbors were wondering what I was doing).  When I strapped her in the carseat, I could see it was truly reflux.  Her little body would relax and then you could see her gag and make an awful face and then the crying started back.  The ride didn’t help, but finally at midnight she sacked out for the night and slept until 8:30 (she nursed once during that time, but she is a quick eater – part of her reflux problem)! 

I called my pediatrician this am with the intention of BEGGING for zantac if I had to.  The Lord was so gracious and they called it in immediately and MK had her first dose at 12:30 and is taking her second peaceful nap since then!!  Praise the Lord!!!  She went to sleep both times without nursing to sleep – another answered prayer!  Our family is praying for a more peaceful evening tonight!  Besides, we have lots to do – we are going on our first road trip after Chad gets off work tomorrow!! 

As a precaution, Molly Kate has an upper GI on Wednesday morning just to rule out any problems.  We are praying it goes well and believe it will.  I’ll keep you updated!

Well, since both my babies are asleep – I better get my projects done just in case tonight is a wash!!!



  1. How could your child NOT have reflux? Its in the genes!!! Cannot wait to kiss the reflux right out of her!

  2. Your blog brings back memories from our first- she had reflux, too- never spit up but reflux for sure. Hang in there girl- I remember those screaming days. You know you can always bring her here if you need a break from the screaming! Hopefully the Zantac will make everything better!

  3. Oh bless yall, we have been there! If the Zantac doesn’t fully take care of the Reflux ask your doctor about Reglan – That was the miracle drug for Parker – you give it to them 30 minutes before they eat – GREAT STUFF!

    Sure hope we get to see you 4 this weekend!!!!!

  4. Poor Molly Kate! I hope she is feeling better. That reflux stuff is NO fun!! Have fun on your road trip. We are doing our first trip to the beach with Davis on Sunday. Any road trip tips for us? Wish us luck!!

  5. Oh girl, how I can totally relate! So sorry to hear it seems Miss Priss does in fact have the dreaded reflux. But I can agree with you that the meds are indeed like manna from heaven!!!!!! LOL Jamin is doing well with the Zantac … for Gracie we did Zantac, Reglan, Levison, and at least three others whose names I can’t remember, all with no luck. It was finally PREVACID that did the trick for her. But once you’ve found the right medicine you’ll know it because suddenly you’ll have a happy baby again.

    Sending you many prayers …. I know these early weeks are so tough ….. but they go by way too fast, especially the second time around! CHERISH THIS TIME, puke and all!!! 🙂


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