Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 26, 2009

A few pictures . . .

Molly Kate week 2 035Molly Kate’s First Sunday at Church! She was 9 days old!  (She did great and slept through the whole service!)

Molly Kate week 2 038

A Father’s Day attempt at a Family Photo ( we have a bunch more that look just like this one).  Can you tell someone is adjusting (some days better than others)???

Molly Kate week 2 044

So, now you know why so few photos have Charlie – he just won’t cooperate (most of the time)!!!  and apparently she wouldn’t for this picture either!

Since Sunday – What we have been up to . . .

Monday – we went to Bible Study at church, out to lunch, and Publix (way too much fun for one day)

Tuesday – Mama came to play for the day.  We went to Pops Party Place for a play date with all of our church friends and most importantly — Ruby and MollyKate had their first play date!

Molly Kate week 2 058

Can’t you tell they loved it??? (they both slept the whole 2 hours)

Then Mama took us to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays – so yummy!   We came home and played with MK while Charlie took his nap!

Here are a couple of pictures we took –

Molly Kate and Maw Maw visit 031

Molly Kate and Maw Maw visit 077I think we have another thumb sucker on our hands!  She refuses all pacifiers and GAGs loudly over the use of one!

Wednesday – We stayed home all day for the first time since being on our own.  It was a tough day to start on since Chad was gone over 12 hours.  I also ran a low grade fever all day (don’t know why – I am good to go today).  I was so thankful to see Chad when he got home I could have cried.  Of course, at that point I had both babies asleep and the house cleaned!  He knew it had been a tough day and had a dozen roses for me and the sweetest card.  What a thoughtful man!!!

Thursday – Today my cousin Kelly and her 2 little boys came to visit!  We had the best time and unfortunately never got a picture of the kids together!!  Oops!  I sure wish they lived closer.  Kelly is the closest thing I have to a sister and we have the best time together!  Too bad we are over 2 hours apart!  Maybe someday . . .

We have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and yummy MEALS from our church family!!  It has been such a blessing.  I have gotten to spend my time recovering and loving on the wonderful gifts from God named Chad, Charlie, and Molly Kate! 



  1. Precious! That is all I can say. Charlie is precious too. The picture thing will NEVER get better. I think every Easter picture of everyone all dressed up….at least 1 child is crying. Funny now to look back at it, but stressful at the time.

  2. I loved the pictures and update. You and Molly Kate look wonderful. Sounds like you all are adjusting well and keeping busy. The picture with Charlie cracks me up. Such a different side of him.

  3. She is so beautiful! I know you are so happy to have this little blessing in your life!

  4. so beautiful. you make motherhood look so good. not to mention childbirth.:)

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