Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 20, 2009

Push Presents

My family is so good to me!   They all know that Labor earned its name for a reason and have showered not only Molly Kate with gifts, but me! 

My sweet mom brought me my gifts when she came to visit right before Molly Kate arrived.  She had gotten me a monogrammed bag with lots of goodies inside. 

Here is my bag —

push purse

so fabulous and BIG — a perfect bag for a MAMA!!!

In the bag was this robe —

push robe with a matching headband and slippers, and even the softest matching socks!!  The theme was definitely PINK!  She also had some delicious Pink flavored bath wash and Rosemary Mint Hand Sanitizing Wipes (which Chad is addicted to). 

Then, my in-laws had given me a wonderful and tranquil bath set the night before I went to the hospital.  So encouraging to have in-laws that love you!  Then after MK was born, I opened another present from them – –  a Pandora Charm bracelet with a baby bootie charm!

girl charmIt even has a pink stone!  My mother in law said they were going to get the blue one for Charlie!!   I love it!  I have had it on since she was born!!!  What a precious reminder of a glorious day!!

My husband gave me the most wonderful gift.  Chad is always so good with gifts and surprising me with the most thoughtful things.  He did great again this time!  He got me a semi-precious stone bracelet with both by babies’s name!  Here is a picture of one similar —

push present

What a lucky  blessed girl I am!



  1. Molly Kate is beautiful! I love the newborn pictures. She looks precious. Davis and Molly Kate will make a perfect couple, but after seeing Molly Kate, I guess Davis better get in line.

  2. Kate—love the push presents! Greg gave me a Pandora when I had Natalee. I wear it everyday. It’s so full of things that I love. There’s a really cute baby carriage charm you have to have too! I can’t wait to meet her!

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