Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 16, 2009

Molly Kate’s Arrival, part 1

I am going to try and chronicle the weekend (mainly for my keepsake).  Here goes nothing . . .


I’ll start where we left off Thursday morning.   Thursday afternoon I snuck a nap with Charlie.  Chad had been at the Braves game with the youth all day!  When he got home we had a good steak dinner at Longhorns – yummy!  My sweet Mother In Law got to the house at 10 and by mindnight I was asleep.  Until 2:30 and that was about all the sleep I was going to get.  I was just too excited. 

We were up and at ’em by 4:45am!  We made a quick stop by McDonalds for breakfast and coffee for Chad and my beloved daily COKE!    All morning long my dear friend Cindy and I had been texting because she was getting induced too.  I had lots of last minute questions and so did she!  Anyways, we checked into the ER together and had side by side Labor and Delivery rooms.   Cindy is one of the sweetest girls I know and it made the day even more special for us to share it together.  Last Thanksgiving we had a miscarriage at the same time and then June 12th the Lord blessed us both with healthy and beautiful baby girls.  Our due dates were 1 day apart and there was lots of guessing and even some betting by our friends as to who would arrive first!  Here is a picture of us together – I know our church family enjoyed visiting at the hospital because they could see both of us in one visit!! 

me and cindy

Anyways, back to the day . . .

We got admitted to the hospital about 6:30 am. 

Molly Kate' 018

 By 7:30,  I was hooked up to the IV and my pitocin had started.  I had the most wonderful nurse named Jennifer.  I could just cry thinking about how wonderful she was.  She checked me and I thought I was going to die from the pain.  (if you have had a baby you know what I mean)   She couldn’t believe how low the baby was and she was sure I would have a baby by lunch.  She also said I was having lots of good contractions before they started the pitocin!  I laughed, recalling my all day experience with Charlie.  At a little before 8 am, Dr. Bowie came in and broke my water.  At that point I was already 6 cm dilated.   They told me if I wanted an epidural then I needed to go ahead and get it.  I had really struggled with the decision to get an epidural with Charlie, but this time I really wanted to enjoy it so I had decided to get one.  The anesthesiologist came right in and gave me the epidural.  It was scary, but so worth it!!!  After my epidural was good to go, my nurse checked me again and I was 7 or 8 cm dilated.  (That was probably 8:30 ish). 

Around 9 am, my precious nurse Jennifer checked me again and said I was 9 and had me sit up a little bit just to speed things up.  We called my parents and told them to hurry if they were going to make it!

At around 9:45 am, Grammy arrived with Charlie.  Papa was already in the room with us.  My parents and G.G. Dolly came.  We were going to rendevouz in the Labor and Delivery Room so that Charlie could say “hi” and then G.G. Dolly was going to take him home while the parents waited for MK’s arrival. 

Molly Kate arrival - m and d camera 092

A last kiss goodbye from Charlie Bell!

Molly Kate arrival - m and d camera 109

A good luck hug and kiss from Mama

Molly Kate arrival - m and d camera 113

Chad and his precious mama with me

Then, my nurse Jennifer came in to check me.  I think it was sometime around 10:15.  She said “something” just made her feel the need to come in and check me.  She did and said, “Keep your legs together and do NOT push.  This baby is about to come out!”.  She went for the doctor immediately and for the extra nurses.  Chad called my mom to tell them to not leave the hospital and for her to come back in.  We surprised her with letting her stay for the delivery!  Jennifer said normally they would start to break the bed down into a delivery bed, but she was afraid she would have to catch! 

Molly Kate arrival - m and d camera 114

Here are the nurses getting everything ready! 

Dr. Bowie arrived within just a few minutes and . . .

Stay tuned until tomorrow for the rest of the story!!!



  1. I think it’s so cute that you were able to go through some of your birth experience with a friend! How neat! That story will never get old 😉

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