Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 11, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

I can’t believe it, but tomorrow we will be meeting Miss Molly Kate!!  It hasn’t even hit me that I will be meeting our little gift tomorrow. 

Here is how it happened . . .

I went to the Doctor this morning for my 38 week check up.  I have not been checked since I spent an evening in Labor and Delivery at 32/33 weeks.  At that point I was 1 cm dilated and starting to efface.  Well, today I was 4 CM dilated and 50% effaced and the DR said she was really, really low!!!  He asked how I felt about being induced tomorrow – I couldn’t even speak – I just nodded with excitement!  He jokingly said, he couldn’t believe I was still preggo!

I have to call the hospital at 5 am and make sure they have a bed for me and then be there at 6 to start on my IV and pitocin.  Then at 7:45, Dr. Bowie will come and break my water and — that guarantees we’ll have a baby within 24 hours!

I can’t even describe how I feel.  I am shaking with excitement and tingling with anticipation.  And to be truthful a little nervous!!! 

We thank God for this healthy pregnancy and pray for a healthy baby girl tomorrow.  We are humbled by His great love and faithfulness for our family.    We are confident that He will be with us tomorrow and that His perfect plan will unfold just as He planned.  We ask for your prayers, for little Molly Kathryn’s arrival tomorrow.  We promise to keep you updated as the day unfolds.  (If you were around when Bell was born – you know that speed and labor aren’t my thing, but again – it will be a lesson in patience!!) 

With much love and a thankful heart,




  1. It will go much fast that Charlie Bell. I was in labor for 24+ hours and pushed for 3 hours with Josh. With Kendall, labor was 2 hours and pushed 2 times. I will be praying for a speedy and smooth delivery. Yall are gonna do great!

  2. YAY! How exciting! I can’t wait to see her sweet little face!

  3. Katie, I will be praying for you, Chad, Charlie, and Molly!

  4. Oh Katie… I am so excited! Will be praying continuously and PLEASE let me know if I can help you in any way… we’d love to take care of our favorite little man for you!

  5. Oh, what fabulous news! Please let us know if we can do anything. (We’re already praying…)

    Love you guys dearly,
    The Pelts

  6. And, whaddayaknow? Charlie was right. MK makes her entrance on a Friday. I’m going to need his thoughts on when ours will come… and what it is… the suspense is killing me. Come on, CC- help a friend out! 🙂

  7. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!! I will be awaiting my phone call!!! We will be missing you at the pool, hey, we may just show up in our swimsuits to visit! 🙂 HA!!!
    Praying it will be a fast and speedy delivery!!! I think I can, I think I can……………….Love you tons!

  8. How exciting! We will be keeping you all in our prayers. Everything will be just perfect. Can’t wait to see pictures of sweet Molly Kate.

  9. cant wait! that’s awesome. and the 2nd time around was way easier for us, too. so hopefully she’ll make it easy on ya.
    love ya’ll!

    praying and excited for your sweet family.

  10. I can not wait to see her sweet little face! I pray that everything goes smoothly and quickly!!!! Love yall!

  11. YEAH!!!! So exciting!!! That is how it was with Michaela. We went to the dr. on Tuesday and he had me checking into the hospital on Wednesday! I understand that exciting…can this be real feeling!! So happy for you! Hope she comes safe and quick!!!

  12. Yay yay yay yay!!!!! I’m so excited. Can I come watch? just kidding, well not really I’d love to come but I respect your privacy. I remember birth but I never got to see it. I didn’t want too. But I’d love to watch yours. Praying for smooth sailing for Molly Kate. Tell Chad to practice up on his Dr. skills just incase they ask him to administer anything 🙂 Call me.

  13. Katie,

    You will be in my prayers tomorrow. I can’t wait to see pictures of Miss Priss.



  14. So excited for you. I’m glad i got you tonight. I’ll be praying and of course telling my patients tomorrow about waiting for my best friend to give birth to a perfect baby girl!!! Praying for you all and for a healthy delivery! Love you lots. See you soon!!

  15. God is so good! I am so thrilled and excited and just can’t wait to see her precious little face. Don’t be surprised if this goes much faster…Ginny labored with Jonathan for HOURS and then Lauren was seriously almost born in the car (she came 30 minutes after they arrived at the hospital)! Anyway we are praying for safe delivery and arrival! What a blessing this little girl already is! We love you guys and we will be thinking of you! If you need anything at all just give us a call.

  16. So excited for you and a little jealous too! I was surprised that you didn’t get checked every week at the end. I guess not everyone gets to experience that fun. I can’t believe you are already 4cm!!! It has been so fun to be pregnant together via the blog world, can’t wait to hear all about her birth story!

  17. Great news. We will be eagerly checking your blog and your mom’s for updates and pictures of precious Molly Kathryn! We love y’all and we are praying for you all!!!!!

  18. By my clock, your water will be breaking any minute now – so exciting – good luck. Can’t wait to see pictures of that sweet girl.

  19. in your words…yippee skippee! so excited for you all. will be praying all day. i’ll be at the mall for lunch so you know i’d be thinking about you anyways, hope to see you there sometime next week:) just teasing!
    much love in christ!

  20. can’t wait to see pictures!!!!

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