Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 27, 2009

Pray for Baby Ben

Charleston Friday am 023

Tomorrow Afternoon at 2pm, Baby Ben will have a G Tube placed in tomorrow.  We are praying that this will give his vocal chords and such a chance to heal so he can start heading toward bottles and solid food!  Great and Kelly are quite anxious about the surgery and aren’t sure how long they will be at Egleston.  Please pray for Great, Kelly, Sam, and most of all Ben, our family’s miracle!!

And best of all – goodbye nasal tube and taped cheeks!!!

We love you Ben and are praying!!!




  1. I just know he’s going to have another miracle. He’s come so far!!!

  2. We are praying!!!

  3. Katie,
    I will be praying for baby Ben, Molly Kate (safe arrival), you and Chad(labor and delivery), and of course, Charlie- that he handles MK’s arrival great. You just never know what to exspect out of Charlie Bell.

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