Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 27, 2009

9 Months

9 months 020

Don’t you just love the angle – apparently Chad was too tired to get off the couch!!! hehe

9 months 021

My hair is wild – thanks to the fact that it has rained everyday for as long as I can remember!!!

Anyways, we are so thankful to be 36 weeks preggo!!!  Charlie came at 37 weeks – so it definitely makes me wonder.  I think she is good to go for at least another week, at least I hope!  We have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and I am quite anxious to see how she is growing.  I am praying she is 1.  still a girl, 2.  that she is growing and developing, and 3.  that she is not getting too big like her brother did!!!

We’ll see — I’ll update with pictures (hopefully) tomorrow!



  1. You look so beautiful…we’ll keep your visit in prayer and of course baby Ben. Ill call you in the evening to get an update.

  2. Love the 9 month pics! Not much longer!! I am at work taking a minute break to catch up on your blog, so much fun! Praying for Baby Ben too. Just read Kelly’s care page update. Talk to u later!

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