Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 23, 2009

Molly Kate already knows what Charlie likes . . . AMAZING!

Mid May 008

Molly Kate helped her Daddy and I pick out some gifts for Charlie!  Isn’t that so thoughtful???

He has 2 gifts that are packed in my duffel bag for the hospital (the books and the coloring books).  I thought those would be nice quiet activities for when he comes to visit at the hospital. 

Then when we get home from the hospital, he will get some more gifts.

Charlie also has precious gifts for Molly Kate to bring to the hospital!  I’ll let those be a surprise 🙂 

Charlie and my mom have made a Welcome Home sign too!  Anybody have any other ideas on how we can include Charlie??? 



  1. Maybe you could get a disposable camera so Charlie can take pictures. Just a thought.

  2. have the nurses let Charlie help give MK her first bath. They are usually very understanding about this and try to involve big bros.

  3. Yea, Presley helped with Josie with the bath. They also asked the nurses to make Presley an armband…..after Presley pointed out that she was the only one without one b.c Josie, Mommy and Daddy had one! I will keep thinking on ideas. Isabelle was soooo little when Grayson was born we didn’t have to do anything so I do not have any personal experience! We didn’t have to do presents, signs, nothing! But IF we ever had another one we would definitely have to be thinking along these lines. I will let you know if I hear of any other great ideas!

  4. When Jamin was born, someone sent Gracie a disposable camera and one of those little brag books from the dollar store. She had a blast taking pictures. She still has a few left to finish up the camera, and then I will let her take it to be developed and put all the pics in her book. I know she will have a blast showing it off to family and friends, etc. Charlie could take his to church to share with his buddies!

  5. One other thought …… if you’re still putting final touches on nursery decor, have Charlie draw a picture for his baby sister. You could even restrict his options to only the green and pink crayons if you’re wanting it to match. Then frame it in a super cute frame to match MK’s room.

  6. I don’t have any ideas but my parents gave me gifts when I visited the hospital after Russ’ birth and I thought that I was SO special. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I still like him so much. You are so great and creative Katie. I love MK’s nursery and Charlie’s room. Very cute.

  7. Wow. Good ideas ladies!!! This might be cheesey, but maybe let him be the ‘first’ to sing her a lullaby, or ‘first’ to read her a book/etc.? Then, he’s got bragging rights!

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