Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 22, 2009

The Big Boy Room


Charlie’s Big Boy Room is finished (one little project is left, but close enough)! 

Here are some pictures of his Pirate Room . . .

Charlie's big boy room 017

Charlie’s beautiful 3/4 bed from Grammy and Papa!  His bedding is from Company Kids.  We have had the shams and green blanket in for months, but the comforter has been on backorder FOREVER!! It came in the mail today 🙂  I painted Charlie’s lamp by his bed in green and blue to go with his room.  Chad is going to spray it with acrylic glaze in the morning – so it will be nice and shiny!

Charlie's big boy room 018

Mom, Grandma, and I took down Charlie’s curtains on Mother’s Day and made these letters.  They were solid white and had hung over his changing table in his nursery.  Thanks to my friend Tara for the idea to cover the letters in scrapbook paper – -How CUTE!!!!

Charlie's big boy room 020

Charlie’s toy storage for his room (He has a big tub thing in his closet too!)

Charlie's big boy room 021

Charlie’s dresser – Thanks Grammy and Papa!

Charlie's big boy room 022

Charlie’s Cork Board- I wanted to give him a place to display his artwork!  My mom painted it green and modge podged the “frame” to co-ordinate with his letters!  We hung it low enough for him to be able to “use it”!

Charlie's big boy room 023

Charlie’s Upper Case living turned out so cute!   I ordered it in chocolate, but it came in in Navy!  I think I like it though!  Charlie loves having his own pirate ship in his room!

Charlie's big boy room 026

Chad and Charlie doing the bedtime routine tonight!  Aren’t they cute?????

2 Charlie funnies for the night — This morning he told Chad, “thank you for loving me!”  (melt my heart)

 and then tonight at dinner – he was trying to get out of eating dinner – and chad asked him how he was feeling and he said, “I would feel better if I could go outside and do water ballons with you.”  (how rotten!!!)



  1. The little pirate has a cute room too.

  2. THANK YOU Charlie Cottle for loving all of us!!!

  3. I just melt when I read those sweet comments he makes. I bet he is loving his new bedding and corkboard too!! So much fun!! It is a great big brother room!

  4. the letters turned out so cute! love the stripes and dots. i am going to have to steal the corkboard idea for J. GREAT idea!

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