Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 22, 2009

Baby Girl’s Room, as promised!!

Mid May 009

Molly Kate’s Crib – So sweet!  I finally finished the crib skirt with help from my dear friend Amelia!  We love the sign above her bed.  Tiffany always picks up the most perfect gifts!

Mid May 010

The back of Molly Kate’s door!  Her church diaper bag is ready for her! Under it is her FIRST TuTu!!!

Mid May 011

I love this piece of furniture.  Chad found it and fixed it up when we were preggo with Charlie.   I think I need some pink drawer pulls, don’t you???  Some sweet pink and green accessories from friends and the precious diaper cakes!!!

Mid May 012

By her closet door — maybe tomorrow I’ll post pictures of her closet and all her beautiful clothes!!!  Anyways, here is the beloved Diaper Champ and MK’s everyday diaper bag!

Mid May 013

The Nursing/Snuggling Nook!  I even have the cute monogrammed cup my in laws gave me for Mother’s Day ready for some water!!!

Mid May 014

The table, up close!!

Mid May 015

Molly Kate’s changing table/dresser!  She actually has 2 new pink baskets to replace the ones shown, but I am too lazy to go and take another picture!  Under her name, I am going to have her “birth stats” put up! 

Her room is so sweet and simple and pictures do not do it justice!  It is such a peaceful room.  I have a tendency just to walk in during the day and rock in the glider.  Won’t be much longer!



  1. Katie, the room is just beautiful! And I love Charlie’s too!

  2. Poor Molly Kate….she is son mistreated and ignored.

  3. I love it!

  4. Looks great! I love it!

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