Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 24, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Charlie and I completed this Spring Project a few weeks ago and I forgot to share , so better late than never . . .


Here are all the things we made for his collage —-

1.  We fingerpainted with yellow and blue.  After they dried I cut out the clouds and the sun!

2.  We potato stamped the grass and the raindrops!


3.  We made the flowers and the letters from Coffee Filters.  Charlie really enjoyed coloring the coffee filters with markers and then spritzing them with water.  Once they dried – I cut them out for his collage.


 4. I drew Charlie a rabbit and let him cover him with cotton balls. He also added in the wiggly eye – the perfect touch!

5.  I cut out a butterfly for Charlie to paint on one side and we even squeezed in a mini lesson on symmetry!

Now his collage hangs outside his door and greets us when we enter – WELCOME SPRING!

Hope everyone enjoys this Spring Summer weather this weekend!   Charlie comes home from Grandma Camp tomorrow and we can’t wait to see him! Chad is off today and we have a full day of outside chores!  Hopefully we’ll get some sun!



  1. Girl, that is just what I was thinking as I was signing on today. This weather could not be more gorgeous…I just dream of days having no schedule and sitting by the pool!!! It will be here before we know it. I LOVE the art projects…I’m sure Charlie does too.

  2. We didn’t do any cute art projects. I just drew pics on the driveway and he loved “shooting” them with his dollar store water blaster. I especially loved it when he said he was shooting the Easter Bunny. What DID he do to deserve that?

  3. Cute project. I especially like how Charlie cut those letters out. He is very advanced 🙂 Maybe momma helped a little. the weather is hot hot hot here in Bama.

  4. Girl, you are soo talented, you could be an art teacher! You have so many creative ideas and Charlie is so lucky! I love his Spring artwork!!!

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