Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 20, 2009

Sprinkle Gifts . . . Be still my heart!!!

Here are pictures of the gifts from Saturday.  A few things I didn’t take pictures of, but this is most everything!  Molly Kate got a pink blanket just like Charlie’s blanket that I am having her initials put on!!!  She also got a ready made scrapbook – Perfect for me!  A couple of the outfits I had already put away and diapers — well you can use your imagination on those!!


This dress was handmade by Mrs. Candy!  Isn’t it beautiful??  The pictures don’t do it justice.  Every little detail is included!


My dear friend Annie made this dress and the matching headband to go with it!  Everyone at the shower LOVED it and before she left – she had several orders!


Annie also made these booties – they are precious!  They match/coordinate with the onesise below that she also made!!!


The Fronts and Backs — How sweet!!!


This is an awful picture – but it is a pink bracelet with her name on it!  Thanks Tiffany and family


Clothes and bows from several different people!  Don’t you love the pink Bible – It has her initials  engraved on the CROSS!


Some of the towels and washcloths and robe (Thanks Mrs. Jackie)


Socks and Outfits, Bows, Mittens


Gowns from Anna and Mrs. Mary (These are my favorite for newborns)


Towels and Washcloths and Bath Tea Set (thanks Gail and Martha)


Molly Kate’s precious monogrammed onesies!  Thanks Mrs. Sharon, Jessie, and Missy


My sweet friend Sarah made MK this tutu dress!  Don’t you just love it??? I can’t wait for her to wear it!!! 


More Pink things!!  Tiffany and Ella gave me this plaque (which matches perfectly), Mrs. Carol gave me the bumper pad, and Mrs. Tami gave us this awesome Boppy Bouncer ( I had really wanted it, but didn’t want to register for “non-practical” things, so I hadn’t but she thought we needed it – I couldn’t agree more)!

My MIL, whom I love dearly, couldn’t make the shower so I promised her pictures of everything and I figured someone else might want to see them too — so I posted them for all to see!!!



  1. wow girl look at all that great stuff!!! I swear *everything* is adorable in pink!!!! 🙂

    BTW, James just bought us that boppy bouncer for Jamin. (in blue of course) He’s actually napping in it right now. It’s so soft and cozy and he loves it! I know you will get TONS of use out of yours.

    I’m so glad you shared pics of everything, it helps take the sting out of the fact that I couldn’t come ’cause at least I got to see all your loot!!! 🙂

    ps …….. the tu-tu: OMG!! Can’t wait to see her in that!!

  2. KATE- I LOVE it all!!!!!!!! Such cute stuff and so girlie! I need Annie’s # to order Isabelle a dress! THanks for posting the pics! I can’t wait until the shower on Saturday!!!! I know you are going to get more cute things then! Yippie Skippie!!

  3. Oh Katie, I love all your gifts!! You are so blessed to have so many precious things for Molly Kate. I hated that I had to miss the shower. I want to come see ya in Lagrange soon especially before Molly Kate gets here and of course I”ll come after she arrives too!! Yay, so excited! I need to make some plans. Hope you and Chad are getting lots done this week and relaxing some too!! Love you.

  4. All the pink stuff is cute! I love all the handmade gifts. How special! The matching dress and headband are adorable!

  5. Pretty in pink, that’s going to be our little angel, Molly-Cake Cottle!

  6. Beautiful. Ohhhh…don’t showers make you SO SO EXCITED!!! I can’t wait for her to get here! Any indication she might come early like her brother?!! I so want to meet you after school gets out next week, but then again I don’t, because I want you to stay home in case MK can’t wait!!! 🙂

  7. Beautiful. Ohhhh…don’t showers make you SO SO EXCITED!!! Any indication she might come early like her brother?!! I so want to meet you after school gets out next week, but then again I don’t, because I want you to stay home in case MK can’t wait!!! 🙂

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