Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 20, 2009

A Sprinkle for Molly Kate

Saturday morning 4 precious friends threw me a shower.   What a special morning.  It was so good to see all the ladies getting excited for her arrival.  The food was yummy and the company was even better.  Here are a few pictures.


The Spread! 


The gifts


Me opening the gifts (thanks for the dress Michelle)


Sophia Jane even brought Charlie a present.   Him and Chad stopped by to say hello!


Me with 3 of the wonderful hostesses! (Mrs. Sharon, Missy, and Jessie – Mrs. Carolyn had to leave early!)

There were three little girls at the Shower and it got me so EXCITED about having a girl to do girly girl things with!   I have taken pictures of the wonderful gifts that I hope to bore y’all with later!   We got so many precious things and I just loved them all!




  1. That was so much fun and you are so right about the whole GIRLY atmosphere! You were just out and out blessed with great gifts!!!!

  2. Looks like a GREAT time! Can’t wait to see all of your girly gifts you got!!!

  3. oh I’m telling you, girls are SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! You have so many wonderful moments ahead!

    I’m so bummed I had to miss the shower. Getting out of the house this week just seems impossible. Tell Molly Kate that Jamin is already sending her kisses!!!!


  4. Wish I could have been there. It looks like you got some great stuff for MK. And yes you just wait. little girls are so fun and precious. even the little crazy ones like Ava. She is mommy’s baby and daddy’s sweetie. You just wait!

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