Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 14, 2009

Favorite Household Splurges

I think now that half the month is almost over, I will resume my lists 🙂  Sorry, I was having way too much fun at the beach and such!

Favorite Household Splurges

(These are things that I would be willing to pay Full Price for if I ran out!  I try to keep my stockpiles so that doesn’t happen– but lets be real – Life happens!)

Viva Paper Towels

(link is hot for a coupon from the website)

viva_rollThey are soft and cloth like!  Great for absorbing spills and even better for wiping little faces and hands

Glad Press n Seal


Such a fabulous product!  I despise Saran Wrap – because it doesn’t work worth a flip for me!  This is worth the extra money – because it actually holds!  The Glad website features a lot of household uses for this product.  I am going to have to check that out!

Reynolds Crock Pot Liners


I kick myself in the tail when I forget to use one of these!  It makes clean up so easy!  No more scrubbing off 10 hours of baking damage!




  1. I second the saran wrap thing…I hate that stuff too!!

  2. FYI: The press and seal works wonders if you have an IV and have to take a shower. Hopefully you will never need that advise, but you never know. (A little nursing info)

  3. Love it. Press and seal is great. Can’t use the slow cooker liners because Greg (the chemist/preacher) believes that eating food heated in plastic causes cancer. Which makes microwaving DIFFICULT!!!! 🙂 Everybody’s got their quirks! 🙂

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