Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 13, 2009

Happy Easter


Charlie’s Easter Card


Happy Easter Friends and Family!


Our Family on Easter seeing Charlie’s Easter Basket!  We had to wait until this afternoon before lunch for Charlie to see it – since he left the house at 6:15!  (Erin – thanks for the Easter Dress)


Charlie’s Bunny Cake – He was very proud!

We have had a great Easter Sunday!  Our family is thankful to be back together!  We had a wonderful worship service this morning (if you were at 11:11 – you felt it too)!  Then we had our new and dear friends, Frank and Amy (and the Bean in the Oven) over for lunch!  We had ham, rolls, brocolli salad, grape salad, pineapple caserole, and Charlie’s Bunny Cake for dessert!  Yummy 🙂  Charlie loved the pineapple casserole – he held it up and said did you know pineapple could be warm???

He is Risen!!! 

He is Risen Indeed!



  1. Happy Happy Easter to the LaGrange Cottles. We missed yall today. Where’s our ‘lil bed buddy, Charlie Velcro????
    We love yall.
    m & d….tired but glad to be home.

  2. so cute. you look great in that dress, very tan. I’m so glad my maternity clothes are becoming of some use.

  3. Ok, so that bunny cake is no joke! You said its a simple bunny cake, I couldn’t begin to make that cake!!! So cute! And love the dress, y’all just save your clothes for me ONE DAY!! I will need them too. Your tan looks great too!!! Love y’all.

    Oh and I want the pineapple casserole recipe, I know you told me what was in it, but I can’t remember it now.

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