Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 30, 2009

Random Post

1.  I had a horrible, awful nightmare last night — I dreamed I went back to teaching!!!   AUGH!!!  There are definitely worse things, I know, but it sure was disturbing! 

Thank you Jesus and Chad that I can stay home and pour my whole life into our family and home!

2.  Charlie brought his milk cup to me when I went to dress him after his morning bath and – the lid got knocked off as I placed Charlie on my bed!  Milk went everywhere – nice!   Poor Charlie was so upset.  I felt so bad for him.  He is just like me!  Chad and I just laughed as we cleaned milk up from our bed, my clothes, and our carpet!!!   It really was a sight!!!

Well, we are off to PUBLIX where the deals are incredible this week!!!!  I won’t take the time to share individual deals, but follow this link and it will show you just what to buy and what coupons to use –

Publix Deals at Southern Savers!

Happy Monday!!!!



  1. i am a publix nut too! we are kindred. 🙂 and i’m so excited to have made your blogroll!

  2. Do you remember when Charlie picked out the “Mommy Goes Back To Work” book? That was to funny. And hey, this morning I’m just glad Charlie didnt spill an OLD milk in our bedroom. That would have smelled awesome.

  3. I had a horrible dream last night as well. I dreamt we were at the beach and I forgot to pack any thing. No clothes, nothing. I have that recurring dream. It’s sure to mean something to a psychologist. I always dream that I forgot to get dressed, I forgot to go to class, and one of my all time recurring dreams is this: I forgot to have the baby!!!! I need help!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the southern savers link! Very helpful!

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