Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 27, 2009

I’m Back . . .

Whew!  What a week!  Charlie and I have been at Kelly and Great’s in N.Georgia helping out with her little boys this week.  The normal babysitter for Sam and Ben was on vacation and Kelly needed help so, we went to offer our services.  GiGi Dolly came too!! 

Let me just tell you – three boys 3 and under — is a LOT of work!!!  There was never a dull moment — we spent just about every moment referring.  Here are the players for the week:

Meet The Angel –   Sweet Ben!  You would think he would be the challenging one  (almost 5 months old and on the feeding tube)!  Not at all — G.G. Dolly and I all but fought over him.  Whoever didn’t have Ben was responsible for the other 2 heathens. Ben is just fabulous and we did great with the Feeding Tube.  


Meet The Booger –  Sam, the 18month old!  He is your 18 month old little boy – 2 speeds: on and off!  He is without a doubt the smartest little boy, he can figure out how to do anything!!!    He was not so hip on sharing with Charlie (what kid is) and lets just say he spent a lot of time in Time Out the first few days for being aggressive.  However, Wednesday and Thursday the boys played great with just a few instances.  They will have a great time at the beach in just 2 weeks!


Meet the Instigator- My Charlie!  He was so excited to spend time with the boys.  He kept asking if he could be Ben’s big brother!  He was however, not with out fault.  The first couple of days, I spent most of the time keeping Charlie and Sam apart so there wouldn’t be any hitting.  Poor Charlie was oblivious to the abuse and is not one to hit back.  After a day or 2, though he figured out that Sam would hit him if he touched any of the toys if Sam was in the room and he would do it out of spite! Sneaky little guy!


What a blessing each of the boys is!!!  We had a great week and are so thankful for the gift of family!!  It sure is good to be home with my sweet husband and have our family back together!!!  We are headed to Charleston the first week of April and I know the boys will be glad to be back together!! 

(Also, all of these pictures are old – I never even pulled out my camera!!!!) 

Oh and say a little prayer for G.G. Dolly she will have the 2 boys by herself for several hours today.  I know she will sleep good tonight!  (G.G. and I were in bed asleep by 10 every night)



  1. So glad you survived!! I know you had a blast and are worn out!!! Of course, Ben was the angel……he is too young to have to share, hit, have to play together, etc., etc! Amelia and I were just talking the other day about it is one thing to have 2 kids and it is another to have 2 kids CLOSE in age! They have to share EVERYTHING so early in life. While it is wonderful that they are into the same things at the same time (meaning they really enjoy each other) it also means they have to share and work together really early! It works out to be a wonderful thing but it is oh so hard for EVERYONE involved early on!
    I know Chad is so glad to have you back!

  2. I know Kelly is so grateful that you and GG could help her out. Can you imagine if you had three little guys that close together???? c R a z Y!!!

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