Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 20, 2009

In His Perfect Way

Two years ago the week after Thanksgiving our family said goodbye to my wonderful grandmother.  What an amazing woman.  I feel truly blessed to have called her Granny. 

It was such a blessing to be living in LG the last few months of her life because I got to see her more often than my cousins did.  I have blogged about her before, but a quick recap — She had the dreaded Alzheimers and after nearly 10 years in a nursing home – Jesus took her home. 

The week she died, my Granddaddy sat on the sofa at my house and wiped tears as he shared he thought the end was coming (That will break your heart).  I prayed all that week for her not to die alone in a nursing home because she deserved better than that.  I all but begged God to let me be there (it would have just been me or my Granddaddy since we are the only ones who lived here).  I wanted to see her face when she saw Jesus, as he said to her, “Well done my good and faithful servant” because I know she heard those words – she had a  heart of gold.

But that was not His plan, it was not His way.  Chad, Charlie, and I were in Dville when we got the call that Granny had died during the night.  (We were out of town saying goodbye to Chad’s mentor in ministry who had died suddenly)  They had found Granny on a bed check during the night Friday evening.  I was so thankful that her suffering was over and that she was healed, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that she deserved more.

That Sunday morning, a dear friend and “church lady” were discussing what had happened and the plans for her services when I mentioned my feelings about her dying alone.  I don’t remember her exact words, but she genlty shared with me that must have been God’s plan all along.  That He wanted to greet her all alone.  Wow — it was just what I needed to hear.   Thanks Mrs. Lynne!

I just felt like sharing because it seems like there have been so many goodbyes recently and maybe I’m not the only one who felt like my expectations weren’t met.  But what a beautiful reminder that Jesus has a plan and it is perfect.   He is never caught off guard or surprised. 

 . . . and Gran – you are missed!

Praying for all my hurting friends,




  1. And YOU inherited her heart of gold! I can still see her playing that piano and that sweet, sweet smile that was always on her face! What a glorious day when we see her again. Love you Kate, Michelle

  2. Katie, what unbelievable timing…we found out today that Jonathan’s Aunt’s (by marriage) father passed away today very unexpectedly. His uncle had stopped by to take him to the doctor today for a routine appt and while the wife sat by him on the couch as Jonathan’s uncle stepped out of the room to grab his glasses for the trip Bill (Jonathan’s aunt’s dad) passed away from a major heart attack. I know they are going to have a hard time.

  3. Dear sweet Granny, I can sometimes just hear what she would say in a situation. She definitely left great memories for all of us that loved her. She was truly one of the BEST people I ever knew and to be able to call her mother-in-law was a gift!

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