Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 17, 2009

Learning to be a Gentleman

Charlie and Lilly Lu had a play date last week.  I didn’t take any pictures while they were playing– oops! I was way to busy chatting with Lilly’s mama  (I know you are all shocked!)!!

Anyways, I did capture the departure with several pictures — ENJOY!!!


Lilly:  “Here Charlie, I want you to carry my bag” 

(This is much like the beloved BBQ scene in Gone with the Wind)


Charlie:  “So you want me to carry your bag?”


Like an old married couple (except we all know the woman would be out front leading the way)


It takes a real man to carry a woman’s bag!


“Yep, This is the life!”

I sure do love my little gentleman.  He comes from a long line of gentleman – so the standards are high!




  1. hahaha, that is so funny!! You’re right though, Charlie is such a gentleman, he has a sweet sweet heart! His mama has done an awesome job!!!!!

  2. That is so sweet. We are definately doing an arranged marriaged between Charlie and Ava. Ava said to call her if Charlie is lookin for a run for his money.

  3. Lily Lu is precious!! Charlie might cheat on Ava to steal a kiss from Lily Lu!!! What a handsome little Cottle man he is!

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