Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 3, 2009

Being Resourceful

Sunday afternoon when I was getting the boys hot chocolate, I knocked a rather large box of macaroni out of the cabinet! Unfortunately, the box was not sealed very well and macaroni covered my kitchen!
Being cheap, I decided to save the pasta. Don’t worry I wouldn’t feed it to my family!
Charlie loves to do art projects with dyed noodles, so I made him some more today! Such an easy project and it provides lots of entertainment and learning for kids!
What you need:
Noodles, Ziplock Bags, Rubbing Alcohol, Food Coloring, Paper Towels
1. Pour Noodles in a Plastic Bag. Add 2-4 drops of food coloring and a splash of alcohol.
2. Shake (Charlie likes this job)
3. Pour onto paper towels and allow noodles to dry (this takes seconds).
4. Place dried noodles in a plastic bag and VOILA – a fun art project!
Repeat with additional colors. Have fun mixing your colors too!
Charlie was so excited that he put away the paints and went right to work with his noodles!



  1. Great idea. I am going to be coming to you for crafty art projects when Ava is old enough to do them.

  2. Hey… why wouldn’t you feed hairy pasta with extra flavorings to your family?!

  3. Katie, you are brilliant. Of course you would find a way to use pasta that dropped all over the floor, I would just be the sad one throwing it away and thinking I just wasted a whole box of pasta!! I just love you, I wish I had your brain!

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