Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 18, 2009

The Lovey and Mom in Recovery

Mom looks amazing to have just gotten out of Major Surgery!!!  Dad sent this picture of her with the lovey and her new Brighton Cross from her friend Gail!!!


I spoke with Daddy about an hour ago and they were hoping to be moving Mom to a room in the next hour or so! Dad said she was doing really well and was able to sip some water (huge praise)!  The Doctor felt like the surgery went so well and that Mom may get to go home sooner than Friday as planned earlier!!! 

We are so thankful for all the wonderful words of encouragement and especially the prayers!  God is truly near!



  1. YAY! And I love the lovey!!! Is this the one from her house or is Charlie really sleeping without it???? Either way that is way too sweet of him! Thankful for your great news!

  2. I am so glad to hear the surgery went well for your mom! I pray for a speedy recovery!

  3. katie,
    I am so glad that karen’s surgery went well. Our prayers have been answered. Can’t wait to see her.

  4. Karen, it has been amazing following your progress electronicly. We are so glad that the surgery was a success and pray for a speedy recovery and your return back to D’ville.
    Tami and Brint

  5. Fantastic news!! THANK YOU LORD!!!! I’ve been thinking of her and praying for her all day.

    Keep the updates coming.

  6. Awesome news! We’ll keep her in our prayers!

  7. What a beautiful picture that we’ve been waiting all day to see!!!

    Still Praying,
    The Pelts and Carters

  8. Such great news. She does look great! I love the lovey documentary. Thank you for keepin us updated. God is good!!!!!

  9. Praise the Lord! God is so good…all the time! Charlie has such a sweet spirit, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he would give up Lovey for such a good cause.
    We will keep praying!

  10. God is so Good!

    I pray that they made it home safely and pain-free! I love that Charlie gave his Maw Maw his Lovey – what a sweet boy!

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