Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 17, 2009

The Lovey travels to Nashville

Sweet Charlie gave Mama his Lovey to take with her to her Doctor’s Appt!  What a sweet boy!  Mom and Dad are documenting their stay with the Lovey (like the Verizon Commercial)!


the Lovey at Mom’s PreOp


The Lovey at the Holiday Inn


Night Night Lovey


The Lovey is packed and ready for the Hospital (6:30am)

Mom assured us that she would take a pinch of the Lovey back to surgery!



  1. How precious sweet Charlie is to lend her his lovey. We are all praying. Love you!

  2. Karen:

    I had to smile as I read your account of how you feel about Valentine’s Day. I told Ken years ago even before we were married that I didn’t want flowers or candy and if i changed my mind I would let him know. He brought me one long stemmed rose Saturday morning – it was absolutely gorgeous and still is. The simple gesture of that one single rose meant so much to me.

    Please know Ken and I are praying for you and Dan as you return home and recover. May you continue to be blessed by the ourpouring of love and concern from your friends.

    Hope to see you both at FBC the next time you’re in LaGrange.


  3. So glad you are doing so well & pray for a swift recovery & a negative on the biopsy.
    Ginny McCarter, from FBC LaGrange

  4. The Lovey is a bit like Flat Stanley – he could travel all over the world!!! :o)

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