Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 5, 2009


Chad and I can’t believe that we are 20 weeks pregnant!  Little Molly Kate is growing like a weed!  She truly is a gift from the Lord.  We feel so blessed!   God has truly blessed us and we couldn’t be more thankful! 

Twenty Random Pregnancy Facts to celebrate 20 weeks! 

(This list is for me to help me remember this crazy pregnancy)

1.  We found at we were pregnant on October 9th.  It was a Friday and Charlie had been telling us all week his sister was coming on Friday!!!  Ends up he is our little prophet!!!

2.  I have had 3 colds this pregnancy and I never get colds.

3.  I have had 2 stomach viruses.

4.  I herniated a disc in my lower disc that pinched my sciatic nerve in the first trimester.  The pain is much better, but the numbness is still there.

5.  I am very thankful for Tylenol 3 -see above!

6.  We found out Christmas Eve that it was a girl!  We were tickled pink for Christmas 2008!

7.  I passed out at Macys when I was 4 months pregnant!

8.  I had several episodes of spotting in the first trimester.  It was scary, but I am thankful for the extra ultrasounds.  To see that sweet baby growing was such a gift!

9.  The first 16 weeks were filled with lots of nausea.  Who ever called it Morning Sickness had never met me!!!

10.  The metallic taste that plagued me the first 16 weeks has been replaced with the taste of dishwashing liquid — yuck!!

11.  We have had 3 friends say goodbye to their babies in the womb during this pregnancy.  It has been so heartbreaking to see their loss because we understand too well.

12.  I took a nap with Charlie everyday for the first trimester – well almost!

13.  Chad brought me breakfast in bed everyday for the first trimester — he did so good! 

14.  At my doctor’s appointments, Charlie wants to have the Dr listen for Molly Kate in his tummy!

15.  We knew that we wanted to name our little girl Molly Kate.  If it had been a boy, we would have been “discussing” in the delivery room!

16.  Molly Kate seems much calmer in the womb than Charlie did!  It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

17.  My dear friend Allison brings her Fetal Doppler Machine to church so that we can check on the baby!  It has brought so much peace to our lives knowing she is doing ok!

18.  I took progesterone for the first 17 weeks to help maintain the pregnancy!  I slept like a baby – boy do I miss it!!!

19.  The insomnia from my first pregnancy came back the first time I went without my progesterone!!  The constant dreaming wears me out!!!!

20.  At 20 weeks, I have an appetite for the first time — yippee!!!  Chad is so ready for me to start gaining weight!  He has made it his personal goal to fatten me up!!!

4 Months (I forgot to post last month)  chad-and-charlie-135

5 months20-weeks-006



  1. I can’t believe it is 20 weeks. It goes by so quickly. You look awesome!! We can’t wait to meet Molly Kate! 🙂

  2. You are glowing!!! No one would ever know from those pics that you’ve spent months barfing, sneezing, passing out, and limping!

    Now …. hurry up and fatten up that belly so that we actually have something to SEE in your Month 6 picture!!! 🙂

  3. you look so cute katie! hurry and fatten up so i feel a little better about the size of my belly!! i love the name!!

  4. You are the most precious thing I have ever seen! Can’t wait for Molly Kate to be here!

  5. Little dainty girls don’t jump around in the womb like boys. You moved around sort of like a butterfly. Now your brother’s appendages, butt, whatever that was would stick out and rearrange my whole belly. Of course he weighed 8 1/2 # as compared to your 6 1/2 #. She is practicing ballet. Boys practice football and wrestling. Get busy eating and pack on some pounds!!!!

  6. Aww, you are too cute! And your mom is right for sure, she is probably doing ballet and you know she is going to be so dainty. I cannot wait to see her! Eat up, I want to hear of some good weight gain 🙂

  7. How exciting you look great! And I love her name – that is so precious!!

  8. Milestone baby!! When I would listen to Payton with my doppler, Josh and Kendall would say “Listen do our dogs”. We always heard their dogs growling in there too. Excited for you!

  9. You look great! Congrats on your sweet little blessing!

  10. Katie, you look wonderful. I did not look pregnant until I was 8 months. Do not worry it will come with time.

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