Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 3, 2009

Gracie gets a new home

Chad and I began our marriage blended.  We both laughed we were the only virgins to have to start a marriage with baggage- aka Herschel Bop and Gracie Faith!  We happily (or not so happily) coexisted until Charlie came and then Bop went to live in Tifton with Grammy and Papa (He really is much more of a South Georgia cat).  For the past year, we have been discussing the need to find Gracie a new home.  There are a dozen reasons why, but here are the big ones:

1.  She snapped at Charlie and other small children.  I don’t think she would hurt them, but it stressed me out!!

2.  She consistently had accidents if I did not put her needs first (crazy me – for not putting my dog first!)  Then it seemed like half the time she used her piddle pads – she hung her hiney off the pad and still made a mess.  Then she was also notorious for confusing bath mats for piddle pads – ugh!

3.  The problem when we traveled.  We either had to board her or pay someone to stay at our house ($$$$) or drive her to my parents ($$$$ – remember how high gas was this summer?)

Okay, the list could go on but those were the reasons, she needed to go!  The reason we’ve kept her so long was because we really enjoyed having her when she wasn’t being bad! 

So, last week I took her and had her groomed and my mom sent out some emails and by Friday I was delivering her to her new home!!!  She looked precious when I dropped her off – she had a big red bow in her hair and a custom made Valentine sweater (back from the pre-kid era).   A sweet lady named Bridget is her new mommy and I think they both couldn’t be happier.  Saturday Bridget called and I was so afraid it wasn’t working out – but she called to thank me!! They love her!  Ends up they can’t have kids and Gracie gets to be their baby!!!  Perfect – Thank you Jesus for answered prayers big and small!!!

In case you are wondering, I did cry after the drop off and it has felt weird at home– but I think we have adjusted well!!   Even Charlie . . .  so far! 

Oh – another reason Gracie had to go is — one  can only handle so many small things whom lives revolve around poop!  . . . .and with the new little one coming — it would have sent me over the edge!!!


Charlie and Gracie’s last Christmas shot together!  (notice her leash – it helped her make better choices!)

This is bad to say, but I think the cats are going to miss her the most!   They need to be thankful they live outside or they would be getting the boot too!!



  1. I am very sad to see Gracie go! I have not told Isabelle or Grayson…..just hoping they will not notice!

  2. How sad about Gracie – I know you have had her for so long! Good for you for realizing she needed a new home and actually taking action – she will be missed I’m sure!!

  3. Somehow you left off the horrible Bathroom Door Incident of 2006… now that, my friend, was blog-worthy. I haven’t been that embarrassed in a long time…

    Garrett still laughs at you saying she makes better choices on her leash. Too funny!

  4. I have such sweet memories of the day you brought Gracie home. She WAS after all, my first grandchild. I won’t think about it too much b/c its a l i t t l e sad, but mostly relieved that I won’t have to hear Dan fuss at her when she jumped Frizzy! The memories are sweeter than the reality-which is often true with pets!!!

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