Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 30, 2009

Happy Hoppers

Today I took Charlie to Happy Hoppers with some friends.  He loved it!!!  I was so proud of him because by the time we left he had mastered all the inflatables.  (he has always been quite timid of them before)  Happy Hoppers is our local “monkey joes” and has just opened for “free play” Tuesday and Thursday!  Here are a few pictures and a video clip . . .





  1. We had a fabulous time! I will try to email pics to you soon!!

  2. How cute! Anna has always been afraid of these too! Still is!

  3. I cannot believe how big Charlie is getting!! He is so cute. It looks like you all had a fun and exciting day! I love the dentist video!

  4. He looks like a little Star Trek person. (I don’t think I ever really watched that). It’s just the little outfit. I love the pic of Izzy and Charlie zipping down the slide. So sweet. Sounds like yall had a blast!

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