Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 28, 2009

Charlie is getting ready for the Dentist

Today was my 6 month Dental Check Up!   My Dentist is in Douglasville and I love going to them.  I tried a Dentist here, but it just wasn’t the same – plus it was way more expensive!  Anyways, I planned my Dental Appt for today because it is my mama’s bday and I knew that way I could justify leaving my hubby to be with her on her special day!  Anyways, Charlie will be 3 soon (yikes!) and will start going to the Dentist so I thought it would be good for him to go today with me!  He did awesome.  Here are a few pictures and even a little video (30 seconds).  My mom came to help entertain him and I was thankful – he is so busy! 

He is very interested in what is going on!!



Does anybody know a good pediatric dentist?  I think Charlie would do best with one that specializes in wee ones!



  1. I forgot to tell you a Charlie comment. When we were leaving the mall this afternoon, we walked by the nail shop there by Penney’s. Charlie said, “look MawMaw, there’s a dentist office.” …..All I can think about is BonQuiQui doing dental work!!!!!!

  2. we have the BEST pediatric dentist…but he is in hiram. quite the trek for you. since micah has funny teeth he has already been and they were so good. it is Dr. Turner. I think its called Turner Pediatric Dentistry. email me if you want the number. we actually all went there til they kicked the adults out…which brings me to…where do you go to the dentist? we have to find a new one and you said you liked yours. thanks. glad to see you all doing well.

  3. Ok love the dentist video. So did Charlie go for a ride in the big chair?? He looks so tall in the pics and video. I gotta see him soon and you!!

  4. Hi Katie..Tricia “Rainey” Jones works at the Nanston Pediatric side in Doulgasville. My sister takes my neices to her and they love her! I went on the first visit and I really enjoyed them! I can give you Tricia’s number if you need it!

  5. So cute. I agree with Heidi. He is so big. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him over Christmas break. It’s been to long. How’s Molly Kate doin?

  6. Katie,
    There is an excellent pediatric dentist practice in Peachtree City…are you familiar with them? That may be a bit farther than you want to drive, but they are great!

    I need to talk to you about something…can you email me privately, today if possible? I could not find your contact info on your blog. Thanks!!!

  7. i’m dreading the dentist with J. i wonder how on earth he’ll stay still that long.
    let me know how it goes!!!
    we have a good one but we’re in LA. oh, well.

  8. We use the same dentist and same hygenist!!!
    My kids go there also and Zella does theirs – she is great with them!

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