Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 26, 2009

What a Weekend!

Our family has been looking forward to this weekend for the past week or two!   We were going to have an animal themed weekend.  Friday, we were going to take Charlie back to the safari (see this link) and then Saturday we were going to see Hotel for Dogs!   Well, things didn’t go as planned to say the least!

Chad started us off with an awful sinus infection and Charlie has an ear infection and strep throat.  Charlie’s real problem is the augmentin and the damage it has done to his tummy and therefore hiney! Then to top it all off, I have had a stomach bug all weekend! 

Chad and I have both felt terrible and ever worse that we couldn’t take care of the other one!  Thankfully Charlie has enjoyed playing quietly and watching lots of movies!! 

We both have said that times like these make us wish our parents lived closer! 

Hopefully tomorrow will find us all doing well.  If not, the Dr wants me to come in for fluids  — nice!



  1. I am so sorry your weekend was messed up; I know you were looking forward to it! Get better soon- we miss you guys!!!

  2. ewwww ….. no fun!! Praying for quick recovery and a better day tomorrow!

  3. Your parents aren’t in town, but you still have plenty of “family”. Let us know if you need anything!

    Saralynn said she’s sorry Charlie is sick when she said her prayers. 🙂

  4. Praying for the LaGrange Cottles and the Charleston Parmer ALL NIGHT last night!!!! Got that mama bear syndrome real bad!!!

  5. Poor family! Try a dose of mylanta and benadryl at the same time – it works miracles (I know it’s random and gross but totally works!). Sorry you missed Hotel for Dogs – it is a great little movie!!

  6. Oh Katie that stinks. I know you were lookin forward to your animal weekend. I hope you guys ALL feel better soon. I’m so sorry it was a cruddy weekend. I know what you mean about livin closer to fam.

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