Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 20, 2009

Sometimes you just want to cry . . .

This morning I took Charlie to the doctor.   Off and on since Friday, Charlie has had a limp and complained of his legs hurting.  Chad and I have been so worried about him.  I kept thinking of my precious cousin Joe who died of neuroblastoma and his only complaint was sore legs.  So, I took him today to get him checked out.  Ends up he has an ear infection and strep throat.  We had tubes put in a year ago this week, so ends up they lasted exactly a year (it sure was nice).  AND – the strep- poor kid had no symptoms- they just checked him because of his history and sure enough!  The poor guy has had strep like 4 or 5 times in the past 6 months 😦

Anyways, the Dr put him on Augmentin since he has 2 infections.  I shared how in the past Charlie had had a hard time with it, but it was over a year ago so we were hoping he had outgrown it! 

No such LUCK!!!   I gave him the medicine in the parking lot of CVS before we left because I was afraid he would fall asleep on the way home.  It was not pretty.  What he did not spit out – he threw up all over the carseat. 

We were both crying when I called Chad.   Charlie does not like being dirty and boy was he.  He also was upset that his Buzz and Woody shirt was messed up.  I was upset he was upset, upset that he hadn’t gotten any medicine in his system, and upset that our new, awful, and expensive  insurance (thanks to budget cuts at Chad’s work) did not cover the 50.00 medicine that is of no value to us!  

We both cried the whole 20 minute drive home (we have got to move closer to town)!  Charlie is now content in my bed resting in a clean Buzz and Woody shirt (praise the Lord we have more than 1).

Well, I guess I better call the pediatrician and get a new drug!!  Should have asked for one from the beginning!!  Wonder what this will cost . . .



  1. Oh, Katie. Bless your heart. You made me cry, too. I’ve been there! Just grab him up and hold him. Poor thing. Please let me know if you need anything!

  2. I feel ya. We went to sick call Sunday morning and Ava has her second ear infection since birth. In both ears. And her medicine has once again just tore her little butt up. She is pooping out of all her jammies and clothes like three times a day. She pulls on her ears all day and I can do nothing for the crying except hold her and give her a little tylenol. I hope Charlie feels better and you guys have a better week.

  3. oh yuck yuck. i am feeling for you and praying for you. ear infections should be outlawed for those under 5! or maybe just outlawed. will pray for charlie and you! it always takes a bigger toll on us, especially now!

  4. Katie, if you guys have a CVS your way try there they have a CVS card plan , which is free and you can get discounts on meds, our co pay on one script was $10 with our insurance but theirs was $8 so they sold it for eight, just a thought, I know how expensive all those meds can be.

  5. no wait that is Rite Aid, whom ever took over all the Eckerd stores

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