Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 20, 2009

Pray for Baby Ben

Please say a prayer for Baby Ben this morning!  He is doing awesome these days.  One of the holes in his heart has closed and the other they believe to be healing!!!  He has been on a feeding tube since his surgery due to some damage to his vocal cords (very common after surgery on a newborn).  He was aspirating, which clearly is not good.  So today he goes for an updated Suck-Swallow Test!  We are praying that he is able to begin weaning off the tube and move to bottles!!!

We would appreciate prayers today!  I’ll keep you updated!

Update:  Tuesday afternoon

Well, we didn’t get the news we were hoping for 😦  Little Ben is still asperating, so 3 more months on the tube (or maybe a button).  Please keep praying for our little guy and this setback! 

With Love,





  1. My heart goes out to you and your family. I stumbled across your blog today and had to read. I am a nurse and have taken care of many babies with problems in the NICU and in the home. I know how difficult this time can be for you. I will say a prayer for baby Ben.


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