Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 9, 2009

Charlie’s Big Boy Room, part 1


This is Charlie’s bedding we just ordered him!  We are so excited about his pirate bedroom!!!  He has been sleeping in his big boy bed since Christmas!  Grammy and Papa got him a 3/4 size antique bed and dresser.   They are perfect!! 

We have had a hard time selecting bedding that was not too baby-ish or too growny!  We think this is perfect!

We need your help though — What colors do we paint his room???  Any ideas???

I will share pictures of the finished result once it is all done!




  1. Oh, Kate. It is too cute. I say two shades of blue and some red! TOO CUTE!

  2. We did Alex’s room as a “surfer” room and it was cute – we painted all the walls one color and had an “accent wall” that was bright red – so it had something bright in it but not the whole room! Does he have a chair rail? If so, dark and light blue would be cute!! OR, you could do like a sand color and blue for the sand and the sky??

  3. Oh, I’m with Sara! I was thinking sand and sky before I read what she posted. You could always accent with some red. That way it keeps the blue of his old room (sortof). Some old, familiar, along with some new. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. I was going to say red before I read those but I like the idea of having tw accent red walls and the other two light sandy brown colored or 3 sandy colors and one red accent wall.

  5. Katie – I love Charlie’s room. What a cute idea!! I like the idea of doing blue on top and then a sand color on the bottom. Then pull in the red colors with some accents in the cutrains. I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  6. I love the bedding, so cute!! I would do a khaki on the walls or a light blue. I can’t wait to see the final results. He is going to love it!

  7. I would paint the walls a light tan color (it is neutral since you are trying to sell the house) That will pull the light tan out of the comforter, the furniture is dark so it will pull the dark out of the comforter, and I would do a red type of valance. Red is not a fun color to paint it takes 2-3 coats to get the true color (we painted our kitchen and den red. It took 2 coats plus a tinted under coat). I love the red accents. Good luck. I love the bedding what a great choice. I can not wait to see the finished product.

  8. Charlie can stay with me until you decide and the paint dries. You do know paint fumes is dangerous for small children.

  9. I love the bedding. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I suggest you paint the room khaki and on one of the walls paint a treasure map! X marks the spot!

  10. Katie, i just thought about this….what about a uppercase living boat on the wall or some accent expressions, on a tan or khaki wall, that way you don’t spend a lot of money on painting and it’s easy to still pull off when y’all sell the house. The expressions are pretty inexpensive and they have the cutest ones for boys and girls too. You could have lots of fun doing some in Molly kate’s room too!!

  11. Red…

  12. just read your mom’s comment and am hoping it’s not too dangerous…we put Bo in his room two nights last week when we had been painting that day. But he wouldn’t sleep in the pack & play! I tried- he just wanted “Bo’s bed!”

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