Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Every year I set at least one resolution for the new year and every year by January 30th I have failed miserable. In fact most January 1st I just select the prior year’s resolution — and the cycle goes on. This year I decided no resolutions! I am committing to read the Bible through this year though. Every night before bed, I will read several chapters. I am excited about this because even if I don’t get to my Bible Study/Prayer time that day, I will have at least done something right???
What about y’all??? Anyone want to share a resolution?

Here is to a Healthy and Happy 2009!



  1. That is a great commitment Katie. My dad just did that this past year and really enjoyed it. My resolutions usually work like yours do. Sometimes Lance and I make one as a couple. That sometimes holds us more accountable. This year I think we just both ignored the whole resolution thing. With the first baby on the way; that seems to be our biggest concern right now. Hope all is well. Charlie is getting so big! Talk to you soon.
    Kim Cone

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