Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 19, 2008

Fantasy in Lights

happy-holidays-008-1Getting Ready to Go!  Notice Mama’s New Hair Cut


I look surprised that we were having our picture made!


Upon arriving . .  . Charlie was excited to see Frosty!


Grammy and Nutcrackers:  What could be better???


Go Dawgs!!!


A tuckered out baby!

The Cottles joined us tonight for a night of fun!  We went to Callaway Gardens and enjoyed the Fantasy in Lights!  We went early to avoid the crowds and I am so thankful!  It was a perfect night!   Charlie had the best time.  His little jaw hung low the whole time and he kept asking, “What’s next?”!  He fell asleep at the very end of the trolley ride!  The weather was perfect!!!

What a blessed evening!



  1. Sounds like a perfect evening. AND who would have ever thought that you could wear shorts in December? I love your hair. Looks real cute. I love how Charlie is for ever the “boob” man.

  2. Your hair looks so cute! Sounds like a fun night for everyone! Hope ya’ll have a great holiday!!

  3. LOVE the hair!! Very cute! Glad it was the perfect evening!

  4. love the new haircut! how is your back? awww. fantasy in lights. i’m so glad you guys had a perfect night to go with the Cottles. it must be so much fun doing things with Charlie that he is finally at an age to actually enjoy. praying for your four! love y’all!

  5. Girl…I guess great minds think a like and at the same time. I got a new haircut too, but I was waiting on my camera to come back from samsung before I could post a pic. I don’t think it has ever been this short before. You guys look so festive.

  6. I love the haircut – it really looks great! Yall are so cute! Hope to see you this week! :o)

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