Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 25, 2008

Thinking Pink!

Charlie has asked for a little sister for almost a year now! I’m not sure why.  Maybe it is because Franklin the Turtle has a baby sister Harriet, or maybe because he has friends with baby sisters, or maybe because God placed the desire in His heart!  We don’t know, but he is very sure he wants a sister!!!

Charlie told us the week we found at we were pregnant that his sister was coming.  Chad asked when and he replied “Friday”.  So Chad made me take a pregnancy test (on Friday) and sure enough we were pregnant!

He is already collecting toys for his sister and is ready to play animals and cars with her!!!  He has 2 rocks from the church parking lot he has been carrying around.  One is his and the other is for his sister.  Tonight when we were painting turkeys and making indian necklaces (very authentic) I tried to talk to him about the baby being a boy.  He didn’t like that thought and said it would be a sister!  He then told me we would call it ******* (our girl name) even if it was a boy!!  So funny!

In the weeks before we found out we were pregnant, Chad’s pastor’s wife at FBC Tifton shared that she had a dream that we were pregnant and expecting a girl!!  (She is the praying-est lady I’ve ever met and if anyone is gonna get a vision – it would be her)

Then today at MOPS, when I shared we were expecting, I got to pick a lollipop.  And —

pink-lol    It was PINK!!!!

Of course, Chad and I are just praying for a healthy, happy baby!!!  We trust the Lord knows what is best for our family and we look forward to seeing the miracle unfold before us!!! 

We’ll keep you posted!



  1. Isabelle is hoping for a girl too!! She is not calling her ******** yet, she calls her Abbey. I guess that is the closest thing to a “real” baby girl that she can imagine!

  2. How cute! I was just thinking last night when I told my mom you were expecting (she sends her congrats by the way) that I totally seeing you having a little girl!

  3. Already told you on the phone but I’m so happy for you guys and can’t wait to watch your belly grow. Keep me updated with ALL your Doc appts.

  4. Congratulations! You’ll be a terrific mother again! 🙂

  5. Oh, If this is a little Girl, She will be as BEAUTIFUL as her Mommy. Oh can the Cottle Family be any cuter?????? We will just pray that Baby Cottle will be an easy pregnancy and easy on that BACK!!

  6. I know Im a little late but congratulations to you and Chad! I’m so excited for ya’ll! Anne Marie shared the news with me and I will definately be keeping you in my prayers and praying for a healthy pregnancy! Can’t wait to find out what baby Cottle #2 will be! 🙂

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