Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 6, 2008

Charlie, aka – Chatty Cathy!

I haven’t posted in a while the things Bell has been saying – so here are a few to give you a smile in these uncertain times!!

1.  2 Weekends ago, Chad dedicated Baby Charlie Girl at church.  Her parents are some of our favorite people.  Anyways, they invited us to the luncheon afterwards.  A friend of theirs is extremely prego.  When she walked by her tummy was at Charlie’s eye level (he was in a chair).  He points and says (loudly, of course) “She has a big tummy”.  I prayed the woman didn’t hear, but she did! We explained that she had a baby in her tummy.  He nods, looks at her and then me and says, “My mommy has big boobs.”  Nice, huh?  I wanted to die!

2.  Saturday morning Chad and Charlie were playing cars on the floor.  Chad was doing such a great job role playing with him.  He picked up the police car and placed in on the mat and asked Charlie where the Police Car was going.  His answer was priceless! Get ready – “They drive to get the donuts!”  Seriously- we have never joked with him about police officers and their love affair with donuts! 

3.  Tonight at church when we were waiting to pay for dinner, Charlie told the man behind us that his dog Gracie pooped at our house and not on her piddle pad.  Nasty, why the need to share that fact!  And, I’m not sure when Gracie “missed” her piddle pad last!  Craziest part – the man understood him!

And a final sweet story —

4.  When I got off the phone with Kelly tonight, Charlie commented that I had been on the phone with Kelly.  He told me he had been praying for Ben all day! What a sweetie!

I absolutely adore being his mama! Thank you Father for this most precious gift and sweet spirit! Grant me the wisdom and strength to discipline and train him.   Amen



  1. Love the stories!!! Bell is lucky to have you and Chad to call Mommy and Daddy. I’m sure he shows you such every day!

    Honored to be your friend,
    Mary Beth

  2. I just love that Charlie, what a sweet pea! But the frist comment was priceless- how funny!!

  3. I am so looking forward to hearing his funny sayings tomorrow night.

  4. oh NO!!! “my mommy has big boobs” …. wow that is fabulous. Good thing you were among friends when he said that! YIKES! Kids are the best!!! 🙂

  5. LOL that’s almost as good as the grill cover story

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